How to Free Sellen In Witchbane Ruins In Elden Ring

How to Free Sellen In Witchbane Ruins In Elden Ring

The Witchbane Ruins are located at the Fourth Church of Marika Site of Grace on the Weeping Peninsula to the south of the Weeping Peninsula in Elden Ring.

Players can receive more powerful spells from Sorceress Sellen to make reaching the Weeping Peninsula easier. Sorceress Sellen’s physical body is shackled.

Players must complete several prerequisites to finish the Elden Ring quest line. Players meet Sorceress Sellen in Limgrave after defeating a Mad Pumpkin Head in the Waypoint Ruins’ cellar. Sellen is waiting for players to learn new spells to support them in battle.

Sellen is tucked away in the back of the cellar and is waiting to assist long-range spellcasters and spellblades. Players will find her services particularly helpful.

When players first meet Sorceress Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins, she will ask them if they would like to study sorcery. Players must accept her offer to begin Sellen’s questline. After finishing a series of objectives, including finding Master Lusat in Elden Ring, Sellen will announce that her current form is just a projection. Sorceress Sellen will then request that players help her escape from the Witchbane Ruins’ cellar, where she is held prisoner physically.

Players must defeat the Radahn boss before progressing in Sorceress Sellen’s questline beyond Master Lusat. Once players have slain Radahn, they can continue Sellen’s story to liberate her from captivity.

Our Elden Ring Starscourge Radahn Boss fight guide provides a comprehensive overview of how to beat this formidable adversary.

The Witchbane Ruins on the Weeping Peninsula south of the Fourth Church of Marika Site of Grace hold Sorceress Sellen’s physical form captive. By unlocking some more powerful spells from her, players may ease their way through Elden Ring.

The Witchbane ruins in Elden Ring must be cleared to free Sorceress Sellen

How to Free Sellen In Witchbane Ruins In Elden Ring

Players will discover a staircase leading to the basement of a ruined structure at Witchbane Ruins. When players head downstairs, they will see Sorceress Sellen’s physical body chained to a wall in the back of the cellar. You will be awarded Sorceress Sellen’s Primal Glinstone after speaking with her.

Players who attempted to free Sellen’s physical form earlier in the game can return her to normal by praying at the Church of Vows.

After players receive Sellen’s Primal Glinstone in Elden Ring, they must locate another version of Sellen in the Ruins of Witchbane and Limgrave in Elden Ring. Players must first travel to Ranni’s Rise, located just northeast of the cellar entrance. A staircase may be found by walking between the arches. After walking down the staircase and removing the illusionary wall in the back of the cellar, players will find another Sorceress Sellen. To continue her storyline, players must give Sellen her Primal Glinstone. The following map shows Sellen’s location at Ranni’s Rise, based on TheOtherKaiba’s Reddit post:


Sorceress Sellen’s quest in Elden Ring takes players on a lengthy journey. For a detailed breakdown of all the steps involved or where and how we traveled, check out this YouTube video created by Its Shatter. It describes everything a player needs to know from the outset to the end, as well as the choices they must make:

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