how to forge the Divine Weapon in Honkai Star Rail

How To Hammer Out the Divine Weapon In Honkai Star Rail

You must be familiar with the process how to forge the Divine Weapon in Honkai Star Rail if you are in the final stage of the “Hero’s Journey” quest. This quest is one of three that make up the “Tales of the Fantastic” event in Honkai Star Rail, which was made available soon after the game’s 1.2 update. Three chapters make up “Hero’s Journey”.

By completing the three quest chapters, you can open the following challenges and receive more rewards. Unfortunately, these highly desired benefits won’t become accessible until after this weapon has been forged.

Although we’re confident you’ve had plenty of experience crafting in HSR, forging this Divine Weapon won’t be structured the same way. We’ll go over how to forge the Divine Weapon in Honkai Star Rail in this guide.

Forge the Divine Weapon in Honkai Star Rail

forge the Divine Weapon in Honkai Star Rail

To forge the divine weapon, you must respond to Mr. Xiyan’s message in the first chapter by accepting the quest to begin the forging process. He will request that you forge a Divine Weapon to finish the quest when you get to the third chapter’s end.

Talk to Shuyin, the young actor interacting with Mr. Xiyan, after you have vanquished every adversary you encountered during his quest. Even though Honkai Star Rail has a lot of dialogue, understanding how to forge the Divine Weapon in this exchange is crucial.

You can find the directions for correctly forging the Divine Weapon in the dialogue’s middle. Even though he initially presents it as a somewhat complicated poem, Shuyin will eventually reveal the correct forging recipe. But if you ask him, he’ll be happy to give you a more straightforward explanation.

What Is the Honkai Star Rail Divine Weapon’s Recipe?

Four different components will be needed to forge the Divine Weapon. The ingredients for this recipe are listed below:

  • Coolant
  • Hilt-wood
  • Ignis Auriliae
  • X2 Bona Aqua

Apply Bona Aqua first, then Ignis Aureliae, and finally the Coolant to complete the process. The process is then finished by adding some more Bona Aqua and hilt wood.

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