How to fix Xbox One Double NAT Detected Error

How to fix Xbox One Double NAT Detected Error: Complete Guide 2022

Read on to learn how to fix Xbox One Double NAT Detected Error.

Do you encounter a double NAT detection error while using Xbox One and doubt what went wrong? Don’t worry!

This article will help you fix double NAT errors while playing Xbox One games.

Note: Applying these fixes requires some technical knowledge and patience.

What is Double Network Address Translation?

Network Address Translation (NAT) allows online devices to share a public IP address. NAT plays a crucial role in connectivity for games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Overwatch. However, sometimes it also causes problems.

In simple words, if the game console is connected to the second X router instead of the first router, a double NAT error occurs. This might be good for security reasons, but it’s not great for gamers.

Hence, in this post, we will learn how to fix double NAT detection errors.

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Reasons for double NAT Xbox errors

Collision of multiple routers or gateways.

Ways to fix the double detected NAT error on Xbox One

To fix Xbox double NAT error, it is recommended to delete the NAT device from the network. This is recommended as it helps troubleshoot and disconnect the Xbox connected to a different gateway or router. To remove it, follow the steps outlined below.

Note: If you don’t know what device you are using. That means you don’t know if it’s a modem or a gateway, please read the rule explained below:

  • Locate the manufacturer’s model number on the back of the device and use that information to look up device details.
  • Also, if you see a wireless signal, you are using a modem
  • However, since there are multiple ports, it is a gateway

Ways to fix double NAT Detected Error on Xbox One

1. Put the gateway in bridge mode

If you don’t want to rewire the entire network, it’s best to put the gateway in bridge mode. Also, once enabled, NAT and other routing features will be disabled. Follow the steps below to learn how to enable bridge mode:

1. Open your browser and enter the default gateway address. (If you have no idea, you can search online for the model you are using.)

2. Log in to your router/modem > configuration menu > navigate to bridge mode (this action varies by model).

3. Enable Bridge Mode > Save Changes

4. Restart Gateway and Xbox One

If everything runs as stated, the double NAT error should be resolved. If not, you can try other methods explained below.

Note: If you encounter problems searching for bridge mode, you can contact your ISP. They will help you with this.

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2. Delete your ISP router

If enabling bridge mode didn’t help, try removing the router’s ISP or the one with a weaker performance from the network. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect from the router’s WAN port and connect to your router.
  2. Next, connect the Xbox One to the newly configured router

Once this is done, the Double Nat error should be resolved.

Note: Sometimes, ISP providers don’t just let you do this. This means you may have to repeat step 1 multiple times.

3. Fix Double NAT when Bridge mode is not found

How to fix Xbox One Double NAT Detected Error

If your gateway doesn’t support bridge mode, don’t worry. You can still fix the double NAT error on your router by following the steps below:

  1. Open your browser and enter the address of the router (we are talking about the router address, not the gateway)
  2. Log in to the router
  3. Go to the wireless options (this option differs from device to device.)
  4. Edit Router to AP (Access Point) / Enable Access Point (AP) mode.
  5. Save the changes and restart both the router and the Xbox One
How to fix Xbox One Detected Double NAT Error

What is Access Point?

The access point (AP) is a portal for devices to connect to a LAN to extend the range of a wireless network.

Note: Features like QoS, Parental Control, and NAT may not be available after performing this operation.

Wrap up

If you get Double NAT detected an error while playing on Xbox One, don’t worry, you can fix it. With the steps above, this problem can be easily fixed. Also, remember that the main reason for this error message is using multiple routers in a network. Additionally, removing the router will remove the less powerful one as it will help bypass the error message.

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Hopefully, the above fixes will help to fix the double NAT issue on Xbox One. Please share in the comments section if you tried other fixes and they helped.

FAQ – Double NAT Detected Error

What is the problem with double NAT?

Double NAT is not a problem, it is a feature that improves privacy and security. But sometimes, it prevents you from playing online games. So if you encounter a double NAT problem while playing Xbox One games, the best idea is to disable it.

How do I change my NAT type from Double NAT to open?

Follow these steps to change the NAT type from Double NAT to Open through a router:
1. Open the browser and enter the router address
2. Sign in with the credentials
3. Next, navigate to wireless options > enable Access Point (AP) mode > save changes

Is double NAT bad for Xbox one?

Double Network Address Translation isn’t bad for Xbox One, but there are issues when playing online games or using Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and port forwarding.

How do I fix a double NAT problem?

To troubleshoot the double nat issue through the gateway, follow these steps:
1. Go to the router’s login page
2. Sign in with the details
3. Select the Wireless option > Enable Bridge Mode > Save Changes

Is double NAT bad for gaming?

Double NAT does not prevent devices from accessing the Internet but can cause problems when playing online games. So if you encounter a double NAT error, switch to a router.

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