how to farm Trailblaze EXP in honkai star rail

Mastering Farm Trailblaze EXP In Honkai: Star Rail: A Comprehensive Exploration

As you embark on your cosmic journey in miHoYo’s latest sci-fi adventure, Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll quickly realize that increasing your Trailblaze Level is vital for your overall progression in the game. Just like the Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact, your Trailblaze Level affects your world, the rewards you obtain, and your ability to ascend and level up characters.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about how to farm Trailblaze EXP and how to increase your Trailblaze Level in Honkai Star Rail.

The Best Ways To Get Trailblaze EXP In Honkai: Star Rail

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1. Understanding Trailblaze Levels and Their Importance

Before diving into the methods to farm Trailblaze EXP, it’s essential to understand the significance of Trailblaze Levels in the game. Trailblaze Levels represent your progress in Honkai Star Rail and are a gatekeeper for accessing late-game content and other crucial features, such as Equilibrium Levels, character ascension tiers, and Trace unlocks. As you progress in the game, you’ll encounter missions with Trailblaze Level requirements, making it necessary to farm Trailblaze EXP to continue your adventure.

2. Interastral Guide Goals: Your Starting Point

The best way to begin farming Trailblaze EXP is by focusing on the Interastral Guide goals. These objectives reflect your overall progression in the game, making it relatively easy to achieve them as you play. Each goal rewards you with 100 EXP, and by completing all five goals, you can unlock additional rewards and access the next set of objectives.

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2.1. Operation Briefing: Early Game Progression

During the early stages of Honkai Star Rail, the Operation Briefing tab in the Interastral Guide is your fastest way to earn Trailblaze Levels. Each page of the Operation Briefing features five objectives that reward 100 Trailblaze EXP each. Focus on these goals until you reach the first major progression wall in the later acts of the Jarilo VI storyline, which requires Trailblaze Level 24 or higher.

3. Daily Training Goals: Efficient Trailblaze EXP Farming

One of the most efficient ways to farm Trailblaze EXP is by completing Daily Training goals. These objectives are quick and easy to finish, rewarding you with up to 1,000 EXP each day. You can find Daily Training goals in the Daily Training section of the Interastral Guide. Complete the daily mission and random challenges to claim Trailblaze EXP, credits, and Stellar Jade from its reward track.

4. Treasure Chests: Easy Trailblaze EXP Source

Treasure chests scattered throughout the game world provide an easy source of Trailblaze EXP. The map indicates if you’ve opened every chest in an area, making it easy to track your progress. Each basic chest rewards you with 5 EXP, while bountiful chests grant 20 EXP, and precious chests offer 30 EXP. Open these loot caches as you explore the game world to boost your Trailblaze Level.

5. Calyx Activities: Farming Materials and EXP Simultaneously

Calyx activities in Honkai Star Rail are similar to the Blossoms of Wealth and Wisdom in Genshin Impact. These small battle challenges, marked by flowers, can be found in the game world and farmed for materials and 50 EXP per battle. You can locate the full list of Calyx activities in the Survival Index section of the Interastral Guide once you discover the first one on Jarilo-VI.

Since Honkai Star Rail features an auto-battle function, you can set your party to complete an easy six-wave Calyx and farm it while attending to other tasks, provided you have enough Trailblaze Power or fuel.

6. Caverns of Corrosion: Farming Relics and EXP

Unlocked during the main story quest on Jarilo-VI, the Caverns of Corrosion are relic-farming domains that reward you with 200 Trailblaze EXP per completion. Prioritize these domains as you progress through the game to boost your Trailblaze Level and obtain valuable relics.

7. Simulated Universe: First-Time Clears for Hefty EXP

The Simulated Universe at the Herta Space Station offers a substantial amount of Trailblaze EXP for first-time clears of its worlds. Each first-time completion rewards you with 600 Trailblaze EXP, making it worthwhile to explore this feature as you progress through Honkai Star Rail.

8. Echo of War: Replaying Boss Battles for EXP and Materials

After completing the story on Jarilo-VI, you can replay boss battles in the Interastral Guide’s Echo of War. Each battle rewards 150 Trailblaze EXP and the potential to obtain boss materials, light cones, and relics. Revisiting these battles is an excellent way to farm Trailblaze EXP and gather essential resources.

9. Stagnant Shadow: Challenge Battles for Ascension Materials and EXP

Although the Stagnant Shadow challenge battles won’t unlock until your world reaches Equilibrium Level two, they provide 150 Trailblaze EXP and ascension materials. Remember these battles as you progress through the game and unlock new features.

10. Quests: One-Time Trailblaze EXP Sources

While quests in Honkai Star Rail are not farmable, they can offer significant Trailblaze EXP rewards, with some providing up to 350 EXP in the game’s early stages. Once you’ve completed your Daily Training and Calyx runs, focus on completing quests to boost your Trailblaze Level. Besides offering valuable Trailblaze EXP and Stellar Jades, many quests feature engaging stories that make them worth completing.


Farming Trailblaze EXP and increasing your Trailblaze Level in Honkai Star Rail is crucial for unlocking new features and progressing through the game. By focusing on Interastral Guide goals, Daily Training objectives, Calyx activities, and other methods outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to farm Trailblaze EXP efficiently and enjoy your cosmic adventure to the fullest.

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