how to earn undying starlight and undying embers

Honkai Star Rail: How To Earn Undying Starlight & Undying Embers

Read on, learn how to earn undying starlight and undying embers in Honkai Star Rail.

In Honkai Star Rail, there are two new exciting currencies: Undying Starlight and Undying Embers. What you can buy with them and how to get them are listed below.

The most recent turn-based RPG created by renowned developer HoYoverse is called Honkai: Star Rail. With a ton of exciting features, the game quickly became a sensation in the gaming industry. Honkai: Star Rail utilizes the well-known gacha mechanism in a manner similar to Genshin Impact’s monetization strategy.

You will come into contact with various currencies during your journey on Honkai: Star Rail. The various currencies can be used for various tasks. The Undying Starlight and Undying Embers are two of the currencies you can use in Honkai: Star Rail. Since both of these currencies can be obtained by pulling banners, Warp serves as their main source.

How To Get Undying Starlight In Honkai Star Rail

In Honkai: Star Rail, Undying Starlight can be used as a medium of exchange for a variety of goods. However, using either a Star Rail Pass or a Star Rail Special Pass to pull banners is the only way to obtain this currency. You will receive a specific amount of Undying Starlight for duplicate Characters or Light Cones after each pull.

Duplicate Characters’ Undying Starlight

  • For each duplicate 4-star character, beginning with the second duplicate and continuing all the way up to the seventh duplicate, you will receive x8 Undying Starlight. You will receive x20 Undying Starlight after the eighth duplicate and onward.
  • You will receive x40 Undying Starlight for each duplicate 5-star character from the second through seventh duplicate. From the eighth duplicate onward, you will receive x100 Undying Starlight.

Undying Starlight From Light Cones

In the same way, each time you obtain a Light Cone from a banner, you will receive a reward of Undying Starlight. You will receive eight times as much Undying Starlight for each draw of a 4-star Light Cone. On the other hand, you can get x40 Undying Starlight from a 5-star Light Cone with just one draw.

Rewards at the Starlight Exchange Shop

These Undying Starlights can be exchanged at the Starlight Exchange Shop for Characters, Star Rail Special Passes, Star Rail Passes, and Light Cones. However, these rewards will be modified on a monthly basis. Here is a list of every reward available from the Starlight Exchange Shop, along with their respective prices.

Star Rail Passx20 Undying Starlight
Star Rail Special Passx20 Undying Starlight
4-Star Characterx140 Undying Starlight
5-Star Light Conex600 Undying Starlight

How To Get Undying Embers In Honkai Star Rail

Similar to Undying Starlight, Undying Embers are a form of currency that can be used at the Embers Exchange shop in Honkai: Star Rail to purchase a variety of goods.

This currency can only be obtained by using Star Rail Special Passes or regular Star Rail Passes to pull on Warp banners.

The only way to obtain Undying Embers in Honkai: Star Rail is to pull 3-star Light Cones. You will receive x20 Undying Embers for each 3-star Light Cone you obtain from the banners.

Rewards from Embers Exchange Shop

In the Embers Exchange Shop, you can trade Undying Embers for a variety of goods, including Credit, Star Rail Passes, and Star Rail Special Passes. Here is a list of every exchange reward available from the Embers Exchange Shop, along with their respective prices.

Tracks of Destinyx125 Undying Embers
Star Rail Passx160 Undying Embers
Star Rail Special Passx160 Undying Embers
Adventure Logx6 Undying Embers
Condensed Aetherx5 Undying Embers
Shattered Bladex12 Undying Embers
Arrow of the Beast Hunterx12 Undying Embers
Key of Inspirationx12 Undying Embers
Endurance of Bronzex12 Undying Embers
Obsidian of Dreadx12 Undying Embers
Harmonic Tunex12 Undying Embers
Seed of Abundancex12 Undying Embers
Extinguished Corex4 Undying Embers
Thief’s Instinctx4 Undying Embers
Silvermane Badgex4 Undying Embers
Ancient Partx4 Undying Embers
Immortal Scionettex4 Undying Embers
Artifex’s Modulex4 Undying Embers
Creditx25 Undying Embers


Honkai Star Rail is a game that tests your ability to earn and manage resources like Undying Starlight and Undying Embers in addition to your strategic thinking skills. Although gathering these resources may seem difficult, with the right tactics and a little patience, it can actually be a fun aspect of the game.

Remember, the key is in completing daily tasks, taking part in activities, and comprehending the mechanics of the game. You’ll notice that the process gets simpler and more rewarding as you go along. So climb aboard the Star Rail and start your quest to acquire Undying Starlight and Undying Embers!

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