How To Defeat Starscourge Radahn In Elden Ring

How To Defeat Starscourge Radahn In Elden Ring

Every Tarnished wishing to unlock new regions, finish particular NPC quests, and receive one of the game’s numerous endings must defeat General Starscourge Radahn, the Caelid demigod.

While the bosses that adventurers have encountered before Radahn‘s duel in Elden Ring are undoubtedly challenging, the Starscourge General represents a turning point in their journey. Radahn will demand the player’s tenacity, just as before, yet will be merciless to individuals who are not prepared.

However, as mentioned before, Elden Ring’s Radahn is not the toughest boss in the Lands Between. Instead, the Elden Ring Radahn battle is a trial that tests the player’s knowledge and experience to this point, functioning as a “mid-term test.” Those who deeply grasp the game’s mechanics, those who are mechanically proficient, or those who know all of the game’s feasible exploits emerge victorious. Those who rely on luck or other players’ help might have difficulty with this Elden Ring boss.

To begin the boss battle in Elden Ring, Tarnished must travel to Redmane Castle’s Plaza in East Caelid and speak with Witch-Hunter Jerren to begin the Radahn Festival. Afterward, take the lift down to the Sending Gate, transporting players to the battlefield.

Starscourage Radahn Boss Fight Strategies


At the beginning of the boss battle with General Radahn, he shoots arrows at Tarnished that cause much damage. To avoid these arrows, players should hide behind ruined weaponry on the field or time their dodge rolls correctly, avoiding them.

The player may summon Torrent during this time, but they will automatically dismount when they reach a certain point on the battlefield. Players should be careful when summoning NPCs on foot, as Radahn will focus on the Tarnished allies once they have summoned Radahn.

It’s advisable to call on NPCs and other players while tackling Radahn solo. However, many Elden Ring players will find this method too demanding. Otherwise, time and sanity may be wasted as a result. Radahn will charge at a target non-stop until another warrior provokes him, aggressively attacking him in every Elden Ring summonable NPC except Patches is less helpful, and every other body on the battlefield is a potential distraction. It’s also important to remember that even if NPCs are slain in battle, they can be summoned again.

It’s an intelligent tactic to shoot from afar while Radahn is distracted in Elden Ring or to rush in and land a few hits before he targets the player. However, there are some Elden Ring players who have found a clever way to beat this challenging boss.

Use The Scarlet Rot Radahn Boss Fight Exploit

During Radahn’s introductory cutscene, Jerren mentions that the General has Scarlet Rot, revealing a primary weakness. To exploit this, go to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid and trade a Dragon Heart for Rotten Breath, an Incantation that requires 15 Faith and 12 Arcane. As soon as Radahn is in range, cast this spell and run away while the Spirits distract him.

The same process should be used to defeat the General once his HP is depleted in phase two. The Tarnished should stay away from his flaming meteorite assault and his Rock Sling Spell, in particular, as they will kill him if they hit him. Other attacks can be jumped over or sprinted away if Torrent is active. However, players should conserve enough stamina before dodging. Furthermore, Elden Ring enthusiasts should keep summoning NPCs by visiting the spectral banner sites all over the battlefield. If Radahn notices no NPCs, he will turn his attention directly to the player, resulting in a difficult battle.

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