How to Beat Stage 12-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom

How to Beat Stage 12-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom

We’ve got your back if you’re stuck on any of the levels between 12 and 30 in the Cookie Run Kingdom. One of the game’s toughest challenges, this stage confronts you against the game’s ultimate boss, the Legendary Greenish Red Dragon.

We’ll explain which cookies to include in your squad and what fillings to utilize so that you can defeat the dragon. OK, let’s get started.

How to Beat Stage 12-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom
How to Beat Stage 12-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom?

If you want to complete levels 12–30 of the Cookie Run Kingdom, you’ll need a squad that can defeat the Legendary Greenish Red Dragon boss. We have a little bit of wriggle room here.

Start off with the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, the Squishy Jelly Watch, and the Pilgrim’s Slingshot, as far as riches go. We advise putting Dark Choco Cookie, who can lower the boss’s defenses, on the front lines. Give him five Solid Almond toppings if you value his continued existence and tanking ability.

Sorbet Shark Cookies and Vampire Cookies are the next DPS targets in our sights. The best way to increase their damage is to equip them with five Searing Raspberry. Cotton Cookie, who comes next, will be the summoner and healer.

Spreads like Solid Almond, Searing Raspberry, and Swift Chocolate would be great as toppings. Finally, we’ll combine Eclair Cookie with five Swift Chocolate for more debuffs to round up our team and ensure victory over stages 12-30 in the Cookie Run Kingdom. It’s safe to assume you’ll be fine from then on out. You may need some trial and error to master the technique, but you will.

To increase your DPS in the Dark Mode boss fight, try swapping out one of the Pure Vanilla Cookies for a combination of Solid Almond and Swift Chocolate. The dragon has significantly more health, so you’ll need all the help you can get healing-wise. The above is our proposed strategies for defeating the Legendary Greenish Red Dragon. Post your thoughts and opinions in the section below.

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