how good is Blade in Honkai Star Rail

How Good Is Blade in Honkai Star Rail? Clarified

Read on, learn how good is Blade in Honkai Star Rail.

You must be wondering how well Blade performs in Honkai Star Rail. At the time of its release, Honkai Star Rail already featured a large cast of memorable individuals. However, their prevalence grows with each new release.

In Version 1.2, for instance, Blade became a playable character. He comes from an unknown background and possesses peculiar abilities. The following text will explain why you, the reader, should support Blade in Honkai Star Rail.

Is Blade Worth It?


A swordsman named Blade gave up his body to the blade. It appears that he was once a skilled craftsman who created a wide range of marvels. But before he became Blade, he had to repeatedly be in danger of dying. Aside from that, this silent character has a really cool appearance, so if you’re setting up a harem in Honkai Star Rail, you should grab him right away.

But Blade in Honkai Star Rail offers much more than just a pretty face. He can deal significant damage to one or more targets in exchange for his HP, making him an effective damage dealer. Given that he travels the path of destruction, it is not shocking. He also deals Wind damage with each of his attacks.

  • Shard Sword: target attack using a shard sword.
  • Hellscape: For three turns, for a portion of Blade’s health, this skill converts Shard Sword into Forest of Swords. The turn of Blade is not finished by this skill.
  • Forest of Swords: In exchange for a portion of Blade’s health, deals tremendous damage to numerous targets.
  • Death Sentence: Blade’s ultimate, Death Sentence, deals damage to several targets in exchange for 50% of their health. Based on your maximum health, attack strength, and the amount of damage you’ve already taken, damage increases.
  • Shuhu’s Gift: Blade can gain stacks with Shuhu’s Gift each time his health is depleted. Whether Blade uses skills or just takes damage from enemies, charges stack. As soon as he accumulates 5 charges, Blade will launch a follow-up strike.
  • Karma Wind: At the start of the battle, Blade can attack every enemy on the field right away in exchange for 20% of his health.

All of this guy’s skills cost HP, so he can’t use them all at once. As a result, your team needs a healer like Luocha. Because of this, playing this character requires significant adjustments to your team composition and overall approach. Blade’s high damage output, however, makes the trade-off worthwhile.

Whether or not it’s worth it to root for Blade in Honkai Star Rail, that’s all the information you require. We highly suggest that you acquire him, as he is among the game’s most potent damage dealers. Besides, he’s got some good looks.

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FAQ About Blade

Is the Blade worth pulling?

Blade is a tank with a ton of health points and a brutal damage dealer, so he’s definitely someone to support. Blade can be added to your roster if you have the Stellar Jade and Star Rail Special Passes.

How does Blade look In Honkai Star Rail?

Blade has fair skin, long, black hair that has red highlights, and red eyes. He is dressed in gray pants and a black tailcoat with red interiors that has an oriental design.

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