How Can I get to Forbidden Lands in the Elden Ring

How Can I get to Forbidden Lands in the Elden Ring?

Read on to learn how to get to Forbidden Lands in the Elden Ring. You’ll also find out where Forbidden Lands is and how to travel there.

As Elden Ring‘s story draws closer, you’ll notice that a substantial chunk of your map is still missing. The map shows Leyndell, the Royal Capital, and a Map Stele, but there is no direct path to get there.

Below is a summary of when and how to access this secret space.

How to get to Forbidden Lands in the Elden Ring?


The Grand Lift of Rold, from which adventurers can ascend to the Mountaintop of Giants, is located at the end of the Forbidden Lands, which run parallel to the Capital Fringes of Leyndell. The East Capital Rampart Site of Grace in Leyndell is ideal for players to start their trek to the city’s surface.

To find a room with a working lift, they should travel east from the castle’s open gate until they reach an open area with a road leading upstairs. They should then follow that path while fending off enemies and demi-humans.

Pulling a lever outside the elevator will take you to the top of a long, twisting bridge where the Capital Outskirts are located. Guards are stationed at the entrance, and a knight is watching over the bridge. After dealing with these adversaries, continue traveling the lengthy path.

An elevator descends below, and a second, longer bridge connects to a tower at the end of such a journey. The Great Rune of Morgott can be reactivated in the enigmatic Divine Tower of East Altus by a player who battled Morgott during their time in Leyndell.

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Before entering the Forbidden Lands, the player must use the elevator to descend to a Grace location, where they must wait a short while before proceeding. The area isn’t huge—just a bridge to the following sizable one—but it has a few exciting features.

The Night’s Cavalry boss patrols the paths of the Forbidden Lands at night and might be found close to where the journey starts. The boss at the end of the area will stop the player from moving forward. You should soon find yourself in front of the Grand Lift of Rold if you keep these in mind as you move through the fog.

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Where are the Forbidden Lands Elden Ring?


The “Forbidden Lands” is a region found within the Elden Ring.

The only route to the Mountaintops of the Giants after Morgott, the Omen King, has been defeated is the route that goes east from the Royal Capital of Leyndell. On your way to the Forbidden Lands, you’ll pass the road that leads to the Divine Tower of East Altus.

The Forbidden Lands are full of Vulgar Militiamen and their traps. Players can fight a second Black Blade Kindred in a bonus boss battle after it is over.

How to get through Forbidden Lands?


How do you travel to and through the Elden Ring’s Forbidden Lands? The Forbidden Lands is a small area with few truly unique enemies or rewards, except for the bonuses from two optional field bosses. The bosses here are optional, but getting there isn’t because you must pass through the Forbidden Lands to get from Leyndell, the Royal Capital, to the Mountaintops of the Giants.

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The illustrious Forbidden Lands can be reached by taking the stairs to your left after taking the elevator to the bottom floor of the royal capital. Wait until dusk at the throne of grace before attacking the nearby Night’s Cavalry. From the place of grace, proceed eastward into the mist.

With all the fog, it’s simple to get lost. If you only have a portion of the map for this area, you can still see the general outline of a route if you ever get lost. The road runs from southwest to northeast; if you’re unsure which way to go, follow the map’s northeasterly direction.

As it stands, the path now heads northeast. Fresh blood on the ground indicates that some annoying militia is hiding nearby and planning an ambush. Once you’ve dealt with this first group of enemies, head east (you may need to ride further down the route) to find a massive shattered section of the arch with a few militiamen on it and a Golden Rune at its northern point.

We must resume our trek to the northeast and return to the trail. It looks like a huge tree will be in your way here. Beware of the poison traps protecting the Nascent Butterflies on the rocks to the left! Just keep heading northeast through the trees to find a Night Cavalry. This cloaked adherent unleashes the Ash of War: Phantom Slash. Even though it can be tricky to line up solid approaches due to the woods and the friendly nature of the terrain, the strategy laid out below will do the trick.

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Soon you’ll come across an illusionary tree (the only thing that isn’t white or black) with a Golden Seed inside; to the west of this tree, you’ll come across more Nascent Butterflies fluttering above another broken arch. If you keep going up the slope to the northeast, you’ll find a few more flask beetles to identify. The militiaman can be seen off to the left, but he’s too far away to cause trouble unless you veer off the path. The trail takes a sharp turn to the north, where you’ll see statues on either side of a set of stairs; as you reach the bottom of the stairs, a Black Blade Kindred will appear to block your way. Since he is not currently obstructing your success, you can (and should) disregard him for the time being.

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