Golden Runes in Elden Ring

The Golden Runes of Elden Ring: Their Purpose and How to Use Them

Read on to learn what Golden Rune is and how to find and use them in Elden Ring. You’ll also find out about Golden Runes locations.

What are Golden Runes In Elden Ring?

The Golden Rune is a Consumable found all over Elden Ring. It can be used to get a lot of runes that can be used to buy things or level up.

Runes are the food that any Tarnished needs to grow.

Where To Find Golden Runes In Elden Ring?

  • Golden Runes can be taken from dead people scattered throughout The Lands Between, but they won’t reappear until the following New Game.
  • Skulls with glowing eye sockets can be found randomly throughout The Lands Between, containing the Golden Rune [1].
  • Many different enemies can drop a variety of different Golden Runes, including
    • Giant Bats: drop the following Golden Runes in numerous locations all over The Lands Between Golden Rune [1], Golden Rune [2], Golden Rune [3], Golden Rune [4, Golden Rune [5], Golden Rune [6, Golden Rune [7], Golden Rune [8, Golden Rune [9], and Golden Rune [10].
    • Drop Golden Runes [3], [5,] [7], [9], and [10] in the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs, Lake Liurnia, Lake Agheel, and Limgrave, respectively.
    • Drop Golden Runes 5 and 7 on the eastern and northeastern shores of the Swamp of Aeonia and Golden Runes 9 in the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs for Giant Land Squirts.
    • Golden Rune: Drop it, Giant Crows [5].
    • Rats, drop the first Golden Rune.
    • Giant Rats: drop the third Golden Rune.
    • Drop Golden Rune [3] celebrants.
    • Some Silver Tears contain Golden Runes [7]. (Requires verification)
    • Spirit Jellyfish: Place Golden Rune [3] next to the Apostate Derelict in the Consecrated Snowfield.
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How To Use Golden Runes In Elden Ring?

The Golden Runes are a consumable item that, when used, grants the user instant access to a large sum of Rune currency. If you have runes stored in an item rather than on your person from killing enemies, you will keep them even if you die; they won’t be added to your rune total until you use the item. They are most useful for “banking” runes until you need them for an upcoming level-up or to buy a specific item.

The runes you get depend on which tier of Golden Rune you have:

  • Golden Rune 1 – 200 Runes
  • Golden Rune 2 – 400 Runes
  • Golden Rune 3 – 800 Runes
  • Golden Rune 4 – 1,200 Runes
  • Golden Rune 5 – 1,600 Runes
  • Golden Rune 6 – 2,000 Runes
  • Golden Rune 7 – 2,500 Runes
  • Golden Rune 8 – 3,000 Runes
  • Golden Rune 9 – 3,800 Runes
  • Golden Rune 10 – 5,000 Runes
  • Golden Rune 11 – 6,250 Runes
  • Golden Rune 12 – 7,500 Runes
  • Golden Rune 13 – 10,000 Runes

When to use Golden Runes?

When you need to gain experience quickly or buy something from a merchant, Golden Runes are your best bet. If you have any Golden Runes in your inventory, you must open one and click “use” to use it and receive the Runes. If you prefer, you can simply sell them to a shopkeeper for the same amount of Runes.

It is unnecessary to risk dying and losing the Golden Runes if you consume them immediately before using them. The items in your inventory marked with a Golden Rune will remain there even if you die.

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That’s the deal with Elden Ring’s Golden Runes.

FAQ About Golden Runes In Elden Ring

Should I use my golden runes in Elden Ring?

The most priceless items players can find in Elden Ring include golden runes. In the brand-new game from FromSoftware Inc., runes serve as the primary form of currency. In addition to serving as a source of XP, they can be used to make purchases from various merchants in the Lands Between.

When should I use Golden Runes?

Golden Runes are great if you want to level up quickly or buy things from a shop. You can get the Runes by simply opening them from your inventory and choosing “use,” which will eat the Golden Rune. You could also simply sell them to a merchant for the same amount of Runes.

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