How To Get to Liurnia Without Killing Margit

How To Get to Liurnia Without Killing Margit?

Read on to learn how to get to Liurnia without beating Margit. You’ll find out all details in this guide.

How can I reach Liurnia without having to beat Margit, The Fell Omen? Here’s your Elden Ring guide for passing up Stormveil Castle and Godrick the Grafted.

Elden Ring opens the door into The Land Between. It’s a fascinating place filled with terrifying creatures, gods, and ghosts that have surrounded us for centuries. As the Tarnished, our task is to conquer its challenges and claim the crown. Although Grace is the Grace that leads us along the right path, it is possible to make our way to the Lands Between.

The tale of the Tarnished begins at Limgrave and continues to Stormveil Castle. After confronting Margit and the Fell Omen along with Godrick, The Grafted within the terrifying area, the road to Liurnia is finally revealed. It is possible to avoid Margit and Godrick, along with the other horrifying events in the castle.

The players have discovered a loophole that allows them to make it to Liurnia without beating Margit. This is great for those who have been through enough with the initial boss fight. You may want to avoid the knights, eagles, and boss fights that are part of Stormveil Castle. There is a way to bypass the castle completely to reach Liurnia in the Lakes.

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How to pass Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring?

The route to the castle isn’t long. However, it can be a bit challenging to locate it. Just put the marker on your map, similar to the one below.

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You’ll find the Finger Maiden waiting at the bridge when you get to the spot. They would like to see your future using your fingers.


They are also close to bridges that cross over the Lands Between.


The bridge will be crossed until the bridge is collapsed, and then leap onto the right.


Follow the rocky areas until you reach the shallow entry point.

Even though the roads may be narrow, you shouldn’t have difficulty navigating them.

Continue to ride until you spot the wolves in a group.


Ride until you realize that it is Liurnia of the Lakes.

This is exactly where the game would take you If you had to fight and beat Godrick, who was grafted.


What can you do by getting Liurnia earlier in the game?

Liurnia of the Lakes is the home of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. This is where one of the most powerful bosses in the game can be found. Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is in the area alongside other aggressive Carian nobles. Because she is a crucial boss, you must be at the academy to be able to confront her.

One of the main reasons players prefer to avoid Stormveil Castle is the chance to respec. If you’ve racked up lots and poured a ton of Runes into your character. Now, you’re looking to change your character’s traits as well. Stormveil Castle stands tall in your path. This is when you could have to leave the castle.

The beating of Rennala gives you to change your character’s attributes. If you’d like to reset your aspects, you must be victorious in the fight with the boss. When you have defeated Rennala the boss, she’ll become friends and let you obtain a “Rebirth.” This means you’ll keep all your Runes and assign them to various attributes.

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However, you must also possess the Larval Tear. Without this, it isn’t possible to be able to build your character from scratch.

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