How to Get a Dark Forge Stone from Elder Dragons in Elden Ring

This article explains how to get a Dark Forge stone from Elder Dragons in Elden Ring. You will also learn about all the known places that claim to have the Elder Dragon Dark Forge Stone and how to get them.

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What is Elder Dragon Dark Forge Stone?

An Elder Dragon Dark Forge Stone is among the rarest items in all of Elden Ring. There are only eight that players can see on the map. These stones can’t be farmed unless going into a New Game+ save, so once all eight are used in a single game, there won’t be any more to find.

Elder Dragon Dark Forge Stones are used to upgrade player weapons of a fantastic variety. These stones only become usable after players have used a Dark Forge Stone (9) on their weapon of choice. Once done, players can use the Ancient Dragons Dark Forge Stone to upgrade the gun to its final higher level. Once used, there will be no further upgrades.

As there are only eight such on the Elden Ring map, players can visit their location to find them without needing to farm them continually. Players will have to wait a long time before getting even one. The first is unavailable until reaching the Forbidden Lands, with each subsequent stone being found in all locations following this one.

How to Get a Dark Forge Stone from Elder Dragons in Elden Ring

Here’s the list of all known locations that allegedly hold an Elder Dragon Dark Forge Stone and how to get the two most accessible ones.

  • In a chest under the giant statue in Mohgwyn Palace
  • In a chest near the Prayer Room site in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree
  • On a corpse on the catwalk near the Putrid Avatar of Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree
  • The reward for defeating Malenia Blade of Miquella, but only if players complete Milicent’s questline and insert Miquella’s Needle into Malenia’s Scarlet Flower
  • The reward for completing the Latenna quest line once players bring it to Apostate Derelict
  • Next to a gargoyle on a rail, once players go to the top of the dragon’s body and climb the next Leyndell Ladder, Capital Ashen
  • In the lookout after the dragon guarding the road to Malekith in Crumbling Farum Azula
  • The reward for defeating Anastasia-Tarnished Eater for the third time in the Consecrated Snow Field southwest of Ordina, Liturgical Town.

Two Dark Forge Stones of Elder Dragons are easy to acquire on Elden Ring. The first one players might see it will be through completing the Latenna quest line. Latenna is first encountered at the end of the Lake Crystal Cave in Liurnia. Once players talk to her, she will become a summon Spirit Ash for use.

How to Get a Dark Forge Stone from Elder Dragons in Elden Ring
How to Get a Dark Forge Stone from Elder Dragons in Elden Ring

To complete the Latenna questline, players must speak to Albus in Albinaurics Village and receive the Secret Medallion of Haligtree (right). Players want to do this before encountering Latenna at the Lakeside Crystal Cave. 

Once back to Latenna with the medallion, players must go to the Consecrated Snowfield. This is done by finding Haligtree’s Secret Medallion (left) and taking the secret entrance to Roid’s Grand Lift.

In the Consecrated Snowfields, players must go to the Apostate Derelict and interact with the tall woman. This will summon Latenna and complete her quest line, rewarding players with an Elder Dragons Dark Forge Stone.

Then the other most accessible stone is at the Crumbling Farum Azula. When players are on their way to their fight against Malekith, Black Blade, they will encounter a dragon after climbing some rooftops. Luckily, if players pass the dragon up the path and to the right, they will make it disappear. Once gone, you will have to go back to where the dragon was and look for the now visible belvedere. Inside, there will be a Dark Forge Stone of the Ancient Dragons.

The other six stones are not challenging to find but are not as simple to acquire as the two presented. You will have to wait until you are near the end of Elden Ring to receive one of these stones. 

But be sure to talk to Latenna and Albus before they leave The Lakes of Liurnia if they want the free Elder Dragons Dark Forge Stone from Latenna. 

The other stones don’t require much setup besides completing the Milicent quest line. This will allow players to receive a free stone after defeating Malenia.

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