Genshin Impact Tier List

The Ultimate Genshin Impact Tier List for Hardcore Gamers(April 2023)

Popular action role-playing game Genshin Impact has swept the gaming industry. The game’s numerous playable characters, expansive open world, and unique elemental combat system are all featured. Choosing which characters are best to use in battle can be challenging when there are so many to choose from. The Genshin Impact Tier List can be helpful in this situation.

Based on their performance in battle, characters are ranked from best to worst in the Genshin Impact Tier List. The Tier List is updated frequently to reflect changes to the game, such as introducing new characters and balance adjustments. This makes it a priceless tool for players who want to maximize the composition of their team and raise their chances of victory in battle.

Action role-playing game Genshin Impact was created and released by miHoYo. In 2020, it was released for Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and Windows. In 2021, it was released for PlayStation 5, and a Nintendo Switch release is planned. The game includes an open world with an anime-inspired aesthetic and an action-based battle system that employs elemental magic and character switching. The game is free to play and is supported by in-game purchases that allow players to unlock new characters and weapons. Using the games as a service model, the base game is continuously expanded through patches.

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Genshin Impact Tier List

Top Tier Characters in Genshin Impact(S-Tier Characters)

Knowing which top-tier characters is essential to building a strong Genshin Impact team. These characters are generally the most effective in their roles and can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. Here are some of the top-tier characters in Genshin Impact:

Character NameTierlist-roleTierWeapon
alhaithamMain DPSSSword
raidenMain DPSSPolearm
xianglingSub DPSSPolearm
xingqiuSub DPSSSword
yelanSub DPSSBow

These are just a few examples of the top-tier characters in Genshin Impact. Remember that a character’s effectiveness can vary depending on your play style and the rest of your team’s composition. It’s always a good idea to experiment with different characters and find the ones that work best for you.

High-Tier Characters in Genshin Impact(A-Tier Characters)

If you’re looking for the best characters to use in Genshin Impact, you’ll want to focus on those in the high tier. These characters are considered the cream of the crop and are highly sought after by players. Here are some of the high-tier characters in Genshin Impact:

Character NameTierlist-roleTierWeapon
albedoSub DPSASword
ayakaMain DPSASword
childeMain DPSABow
fischlSub DPSABow
ganyuMain DPSABow
hu taoMain DPSAPolearm
kuki shinobuSupportASword
tighnariSub DPSABow
yae mikoSub DPSACatalyst
yoimiyaMain DPSABow
yun jinSupportAPolearm

These are just a few of the high-tier characters in Genshin Impact. Remember that a character’s effectiveness can vary depending on your play style and enemies. Experiment with different characters and find the ones that work best for you.

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Mid-Tier Characters in Genshin Impact(B-Tier And C-Tier Characters)

B-Tier List

If you’re looking for decent but not necessarily the best, then mid-tier characters may be what you’re looking for. These characters can still be helpful in certain situations and help you progress through the game.

Character NameTierlist-roleTierWeapon
ayatoMain DPSBSword
beidouSub DPSBClaymore
cynoMain DPSBPolearm
eulaMain DPSBClaymore
ittoMain DPSBClaymore
keqingMain DPSBSword
ventiSub DPSBBow
wandererMain DPSBCatalyst
xiaoMain DPSBPolearm
yanfeiMain DPSBCatalyst

C-Tier List

Character NameTierlist-roleTierWeapon
dilucMain DPSCClaymore
heizouSub DPSCCatalyst
kleeMain DPSCCatalyst

Low-Tier Characters in Genshin Impact(D-Tier Characters)

D-Tier List

If you’re looking to build a powerful team in Genshin Impact, it’s important to know which characters are worth investing in and which ones are not. While some characters may not be as strong as others, they can still be useful in certain situations. Here are a few low-tier characters in Genshin Impact:

Character NameTierlist-roleTierWeapon
aloySub DPSDBow
amberSub DPSDBow
kaeyaSub DPSDSword
ningguangMain DPSDCatalyst
noelleMain DPSDClaymore
razorMain DPSDClaymore
traveler(anemo)Sub DPSDSword
traveler(geo)Sub DPSDSword
xinyanMain DPSDClaymore

While these characters may not be the most robust options in Genshin Impact, they can still be helpful in certain situations. Considering your team composition and the case you’ll be facing is essential before deciding which characters to use. In addition, it’s worth noting that the tier list can change over time as new characters are introduced, and existing characters are buffed or nerfed. So, just because a character is a low tier now doesn’t mean they’ll always be that way.

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Factors to Consider in a Genshin Impact Tier List

Elemental Synergy

When creating a Genshin Impact tier list, it is crucial to consider the elemental synergy of each character. Elemental reactions can significantly affect the outcome of battles, and some characters work better together than others. For example, characters with Electro abilities can trigger powerful reactions when combined with Hydro or Pyro characters. Similarly, Cryo characters can freeze enemies, making them vulnerable to attacks from other characters.

Roles and Compositions

Another factor to consider in a Genshin Impact tier list is the roles and compositions of each character. Characters can be classified as Main DPS, Sub DPS, or Support, and each role has its strengths and weaknesses. Main DPS characters deal the most damage and are typically the focus of a team’s composition. Sub DPS characters provide additional damage and support, while Support characters provide healing and buffs to the team. It is essential to have a well-balanced team composition that includes characters from each role to ensure success in battles.

Individual Character Strengths

Finally, when creating a Genshin Impact tier list, it is crucial to evaluate each character’s individual strengths. Some characters have unique abilities that make them stand out from others, such as Venti’s crowd control abilities or Diluc’s high damage output. It is essential to consider each character’s abilities and how they can contribute to a team’s success. Overall, when creating a Genshin Impact tier list, it is important to consider each character’s elemental synergy, roles and compositions, and individual strengths. By evaluating each character based on these factors, you can create a well-balanced and effective team that can take on any challenge in the game.


The Genshin Impact Tier List has become a widely discussed topic among gamers and game enthusiasts alike. It serves as a useful tool for players to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of different characters, which can be especially helpful in challenging gameplay situations.

However, it’s important to remember that tier lists are subjective and can vary depending on individual playstyles and preferences. While the tier list can provide guidance, it should not be the sole factor in determining a player’s choice of characters or team composition.

Ultimately, the Genshin Impact Tier List can be a valuable resource for players looking to optimize their gameplay experience. But it’s important to approach it with a critical eye and remember that every character has its own unique set of abilities that can be utilized effectively in different situations.

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