Gamevcore Fact Checking Policy

With every news article on Game Rant, we apply a strict vetting process to ensure that the headline is accurate. For the sake of clarity, we label rumors, leaks, data mines, and insider reports with their respective labels to help readers tell the difference between reliable sources and those who may be spreading false information.

Every article we publish has been thoroughly checked for freshness and accuracy before it is even started. Before starting to write, we always double-check our information by going back to the primary source (and secondary sources, if necessary). Although some media outlets may present unverified information as confirmed fact, we insist on having hard evidence before we can call a story definitive. In other words, we don’t publish anything just to get a click. Though our headlines can be brash, we never make generalizations for the sake of making them. It needs to be checked for accuracy and precision. Articles on Game Rant don’t merely report the news; they provide authoritative context that clarifies why that news is relevant to you.

Our editors cover the gaming and pop culture events that our readers (new and old) are most interested in. We at Game Rant are a diverse group of individuals with interests as varied as film studies, creative writing, social work, and business management who have come together out of a shared love of entertainment to bring you the best, most engaging content on the web.

Trying To Get An Official Statement

When reporting on news that has been leaked or announced through unofficial channels (such as Reddit, social media, YouTube, unproven publications, etc.), we always contact a representative or the publisher’s public relations department for comment. We made an effort to contact them regardless of whether or not they were able to comment or respond. We ensure everyone has an opportunity to weigh in. Our writers and editors are seasoned pros in their fields, so you can trust that each new article will be up-to-date, accurate, and full of important information.

Journalistic standards are adhered to when we are the first to report on something. We appreciate the chance to talk to major studios, publishers, and developers.

Considering The Big Picture

We expect the same level of research and objectivity from our feature writers, as well as the same clarity of argument from them. By taking this approach, we can cover more ground and anticipate our readers’ inquiries.

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