how to fix it when an Xbox One controller won't recognize the headset

Say Goodbye to Headset Woes: Step-by-step Guide for Getting Your Xbox One Controller to Recognize Your Headset

Friends on the Xbox network can’t hear you? Set up your headset. Learn how to fix it when an Xbox One controller won’t recognize the headset.

The Xbox controller, unveiled at the Game Developers Conference in 2000, is the main game controller for Microsoft‘s Xbox home video game console.

There are a few possible outcomes when your Xbox One controller fails to recognize your headset. Something is wrong if you and your fellow players cannot communicate with one another. If the volume up option in the Xbox One settings is grayed out or if you are muted in-game, there may be a problem.

These issues may occur upon initial headset connection to the Xbox One or during gameplay. However, the problem will typically become apparent when you try to initiate a voice chat.

Note: This article’s guidance applies to the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X too.

How to rectify the issue of an Xbox One controller failing to detect the headset

Reasons why Xbox One controllers fail to recognize headsets

Physical flaws in the headset, incorrect settings, and problems with the Xbox One console are all potential contributory factors that can make your Xbox One controller fail to recognize your headset.

How To Fix Your Xbox One Controller To Recognize Your Headset

After attempting each of the fixes listed below, see if your headset still functions after you’ve finished.

Tip: Many of these fixes also work to resolve Xbox One mic issues.

1. Ensure the Xbox One is connected to the controller. If it isn’t, fixing a disconnected Xbox One controller might also resolve the headset problem.

2. Ensure that the controller’s USB port on the headset is securely closed. The headset won’t establish a strong connection, and the controller won’t detect it if it isn’t fully plugged in or seated correctly. Plug it back in after unplugging it.

3. Check to see if the headset is muted. The headset most likely has a mute feature that could make it appear like the controller isn’t picking up the headset. If you have a 3.5 mm chat headset, look for an in-line mute switch or a mute button on the left side of the connector that is plugged into the expansion port on the controller.

4. Volume up on the headset. You won’t be able to hear anyone if the headset audio is entirely off. Use the in-line volume wheel or the buttons on the connector plugged into the controller’s expansion port to turn up the audio.

5. Increase the audio input on the console. On the Xbox One, you can also change the volume settings. Select the controller, go to Settings > Device & Accessories, and change the audio settings.

Note: If the volume slider is grayed out, it could be because of a controller or headset issue.

6. To test the headset, use the Skype app for Xbox One. This will demonstrate that the issue is with your computer and not Xbox Party Chat or your friends’ equipment. Launch the Skype app after logging into the Xbox network to run a test. Choose People > Skype Test Call > Voice Call, press the microphone button when it’s indicated, and wait to hear your voice. The controller won’t recognize the headset if you can’t hear your voice.

7. Change your controller. Connect the headset and another Xbox One controller if you have more than one. If it functions properly, the first controller is the issue.

Tip: There are several ways to fix an Xbox One controller that won’t turn on if you don’t have another controller to test.

8. Change your headset. There must be a problem with the original headset if you plug in another headset, and it functions. Since headsets lack a software or firmware component, a broken wire or a defective mute switch are the most likely causes of failure.

Tip: Before purchasing a new microphone, check if the manufacturer offers a warranty or try repairing the broken headset yourself.

9. Disinfect the gamepad and headset. Disconnect the headset and check the device, cord, and plug for damage. The headset may need fixing if its cord is frayed or the plug is bent. If it’s grimy, wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.

Pull the headset cable to expose the headset port on the Xbox One controller. Check the port for debris; if any, try blowing it out with compressed air or wiping it down with an alcohol-dampened cotton swab.

İmportant: Keep the port and controller dry at all times.

10. Verify your account’s security and privacy settings. You won’t be able to communicate with others on Xbox One if your privacy settings are too restrictive. Press the Xbox button on your controller, then go to Settings > Account > Privacy & online safety > View details & customize >, and make any necessary adjustments. Voice and text communication > everyone.

Tip: With the Everybody option, you can talk to anyone on the Xbox Live network, not just your friends. To avoid interacting with random users, switch to Friends Only.

Note: This option is inaccessible to minor profiles. The Xbox One’s parental controls must be adjusted before any alterations can be made to the chat settings.

11. Replace the firmware on the controller. The Xbox One controller may require a firmware update because Microsoft once released a patch that broke compatibility with specific headsets.

12. Replace the controller’s batteries. An Xbox One headset will not function properly with dead or low batteries. New or recently recharged batteries should be used to rule out this issue.

13. Put the wheel in your profile’s hand. Assigning an Xbox One controller to a Microsoft Account is necessary if the controller is no longer linked to your Gamertag profile.

14. The console needs a power cycle. If the Xbox One and its controllers still won’t detect the headset, try restarting them. To turn off the console, press and hold the power button on the front of the device until the LED turns off. To immediately turn off the controllers, you can also remove the batteries. Start up the Xbox One in a few minutes. If you see the console’s bootup animation on your TV, you know the power cycle was successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix the headset jack on my Xbox One controller?

Before anything else, ensure the mic isn’t muted, and the cord is in good shape. You can update the controller’s software and clear the audio jack using compressed air. If that doesn’t work, you can replace your Xbox One controller’s jack.

How do I use an Xbox One headset without a controller?

If you want to use a wireless headset with your Xbox One, it must support the wireless protocol developed by Microsoft. Connect the USB adapter to the console and turn on the headset if one is included. The headset may come with a base station or manual syncing instructions if a wireless adapter is not included.

Can I use a USB headset on my Xbox One?

If it was made with the Xbox One in mind, then yes. The Xbox One’s USB port is incompatible with most non-gaming headsets.

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