How To Fix Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed 10010 Error?

How to fix Lost Ark Server authentication failed 10010 Error is getting asked a lot. In this guide, we have explained how to fix this problem with several methods.

This is one of the biggest problems in the game, although fortunately, you have several ways to fix it, and now the Smilegate technical service gets all the attention. We tell you everything about Lost Ark and its authentication error 10010: This is how it is solved in a few steps.

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What is the Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed 10010 Error?

The Lost Ark server authentication failed error 100010 is the typical authentication error that usually appears in online games on the Steam platform. From Smilegate, they are trying to solve it on the game’s servers, but while they are getting it, several tricks seem to be working to solve them right now.

Well, how to fix the Lost Ark Server authentication failed 10010? Please keep reading.

Fixing Lost Ark Server Authentication Failed 10010 Error

Solution 1: Internet Protocol

  1. Go into Windows settings
  2. Select Internet
  3. Go to Status, change internet settings, and select change Adapter Options
  4. Right-click on your connection and select properties.
  5. Go down to IPV6 -Internet Protocol version 6-
  6. Uncheck the TPC/IPV6 box, save changes and run the game.

Solution 2: Update Credentials

  1. Go into command prompts and type the following:
  2. ipconfig/flushdns and press enter
  3. ipconfig/registerdns and press enter
  4. ipconfig/release and press enter
  5. ipconfig /renew and press enter
  6. netsh winsock reset and press enter
  7. Turn off your computer, disconnect from the network, let a few seconds pass, reconnect, and turn it on.
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Solution 3: Windows 11

This solution is a bit crazy, but it works for many Lost Ark users, as it resets several settings causing the authentication problem. It is as simple as using the mobile as if it were a router and connecting the PC to the internet through the mobile. Then reconnect directly to the router as usual and run the game as administrator.

Solution 4: Check the Integrity of Steam Files

  1. Enter your Steam ID and navigate to library.
  2. Right-click Lost Ark in the list of games and select Properties.
  3. Navigate to the local files tab and choose the verify integrity of game files option.

When the operation is finished, restart Steam and see whether the Lost Ark Server authentication failed 10010 error has gone away.

Solution 5: Disable antivirus and firewall

If none of the options above work, turn off your antivirus and firewall. Third-party antivirus software might sometimes prohibit you from playing Lost Ark. As a result, you should temporarily stop your antivirus software to see whether it is preventing Lost Ark from loading correctly.

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