the cheapest 87-rated players in FIFA 23

Game-Changing Deals: How to Build a Winning Squad with FIFA 23’s Cheapest 87-Rated Players

As the number of SBCs introduced in the game increases, determining the cheapest 87-rated players in FIFA 23 can significantly reduce your expenses when purchasing from the transfer market.

Even though FIFA prices may fluctuate, the most affordable players usually remain consistent, ensuring you can trust your choices when building your teams. Therefore, check out this guide for an in-depth rundown of the least expensive 87-rated players in FIFA 23.

Electronic Arts, also known as EA, is the publisher of the football video game FIFA 23Released globally on September 30, 2022, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, it is the 30th and final game in the FIFA series developed by EA Sports.

FIFA 23 Cheapest 87 Rated Players

Presenting a collection of the cheapest 87-rated players in FIFA 23 currently available for purchase in the market, along with their current prices:

  • Trent Alexander-Arnold – 21,000 Coins
  • Rodri – 21,000 Coins
  • Thomas Muller – 21,000 Coins
  • IF Zambo Anguissa – 21,000 Coins
  • MOTM Luka Jovic – 21,000 Coins
  • IF Guerreiro – 21,000 Coins
  • Hugo Lloris – 21,250 Coins
  • Andy Robertson – 21,250 Coins
  • Fabinho – 21,250 Coins
  • Marco Verratti – 21,250 Coins
  • RTTF Donyell Malen – 21,250 Coins
  • IF Mateo Kovacic – 21,250 Coins
  • Frenkie de Jong – 21,500 Coins
  • Antonio Rudiger – 21,500 Coins
  • Leon Goretzka – 21,500 Coins

The Premier League seems to be a gold mine for inexpensive 87-rated cards, with players like Alexander-Arnold, Robertson, Rodri, Lloris, De Gea, and more being excellent choices.

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87s also tend to be relatively stable in price, averaging in the low 20s, but they can increase in price if demand increases.

FIFA 23 Cheapest 87 Rated Inform Cards

It is an excellent idea to have a few inexpensive, highly rated information cards you may draw from to finish a tricky squad for little cost. SBC squads frequently need you to submit a certain number of TOTW cards. The following is a list of FIFA 23‘s 87 lowest-priced inform cards:

  • IF Zambo Anguissa – 21,000 Coins
  • IF Guerreiro – 21,000 Coins
  • IF Mateo Kovacic – 21,250 Coins
  • IF Iago Aspas – 21,750 Coins
  • IF Gregor Kobel – 22,000 Coins

That ought to provide you with many alternatives for assembling a squad, as some less expensive cards are prone to price spikes due to people going straight for them.

This list of the cheapest 87-rated players in FIFA 23 is complete, offering you a wide selection if you need to complete a team. If you’re also looking for cards with lower ratings, look at this FIFA 23 list for the cheapest 86-rated players.


In conclusion, creating a successful team in FIFA 23 can be costly, but there are ways to cut expenses. When buying from the transfer market, knowing which 87-rated players are the cheapest in the game might help you save a lot of cash, especially with the growing Squad Building Challenges. Trent Alexander-Arnold, Rodri, and Thomas Muller are just a few players on this list who can help you put together a competitive team on a budget.

It’s also important to note that many good choices are available in the Premier League, which seems to be a vital source of cheap 87-rated players—having inexpensive inform cards, such as IF Zambo Anguissa and IF Guerreiro, can also help complete SBCs without spending much money.

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FIFA 23 offers plenty of chances to assemble a fantastic team without shelling out a fortune. You may make an effective and affordable squad using the least expensive 87-rated players and inform cards.

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