cheapest 85-rated players in FIFA 23

Game-Changing Deals: How to Build a Winning Squad with FIFA 23’s Cheapest 85-Rated Players

Following the release of FIFA 23, the market has largely stabilized, resulting in many highly rated cards finding a set price based on their rating rather than just their pace. The FIFA 23 cheapest 85-rated players are essential for getting the best cards in Ultimate Team now that various SBCs are launching.

The FIFA 23 cheapest 85-rated players will raise your team rating for very little coinage, allowing you to complete many of these flashy SBC players. Here are the FIFA 23 most affordable 85-rated Ultimate Team players if you need to make a cheeky budget purchase to finish your challenge.

Electronic Arts, also known as EA, is the publisher of the football video game FIFA 23. Released globally on September 30, 2022, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, it is the 30th and final game in the FIFA series developed by EA Sports.

The Cheapest 85-Rated Players In FIFA 23

Cheapest 85 Rated Players: Premier League

  • IF Leandro Trossard – 15,750 Coins
  • Ilkay Gundogan – 15,750 Coins
  • Diogo Jota – 16,000 Coins
  • Phil Foden – 16,000 Coins
  • Jamie Vardy – 16,000 Coins

Fortunately, most Premier League 85-rated cards have seen significant price drops since the start of this FIFA season.

The cards listed above are the ones you should always check as you work to assemble a cheap Premier League team with an average rating of 85.

Cheapest 85 Rated Players: Bundesliga

  • Matthijs de Ligt – 15,500 Coins
  • RTTF Tuta – 15,500 Coins
  • Lars Ricken – 15,500 Coins
  • MOTM Florian Wirtz – 15,750 Coins
  • Peter Gulacsi – 16,000 Coins
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Cheap 85-rated players in FIFA 23 are abundant in this region. The Bundesliga only has seven players with an 85-point average, but they’re all bargains. Aside from the top five, who all hover around 15,000, Bayern Munich also has painted Serge Gnabry (16,000) and De Ligt (15,000).

The Bayern and Dortmund combination may be the lowest-priced option available.

Cheapest 85 Rated Players: Liga Santander

  • Memphis Depay – 15,250 Coins
  • Gerard Moreno – 15,500 Coins
  • Jordi Alba – 15,500 Coins
  • Marcos Acuna – 15,750 Coins
  • Yannick Carrasco – 15,750 Coins

Along with the Premier League, La Liga is probably the best place to find affordable 85-rated cards because the prices are slightly lower here. If you only need one or two players to complete a squad, picks like Sergio Busquets and Gerard Moreno are always safe bets.

Cheapest 85 Rated Players: Serie A

  • Winter Wildcards Daniele Verde – 14,500 Coins
  • Filip Kostic – 15,750 Coins
  • Paul Pogba – 16,000 Coins
  • Theo Hernandez – 16,000 Coins
  • IF Gianluca Mancini – 16,000 Coins

With the introduction of various TOTW cards, we can expand our budget beyond Kostic and Pogba. An inform card’s premium will cost a little more, but if your SBC has specific requirements, it might be worth the extra money.

Cheapest 85 Rated Players: Ligue 1

  • IF Lois Openda – 17,000 Coins
  • IF Gaetan Laborde – 17,000 Coins
  • Stories Lovro Majer – 17,500 Coins
  • IF Jonathan David – 21,000 Coins
  • Winter Wildcards Ismaily – 21,500 Coins

Curiously, in FIFA 23, no players in Ligue 1 or any other league with a base rating of 85. If you absolutely must have an 85-rated card from the French first division, you still have a few options, albeit at a premium price.

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This list of the cheapest FIFA 23 players with an 85 rating will have you cruising through the TOTY Series challenges in no time.


In conclusion, FIFA 23 has made many changes to the Ultimate Team mode, such as adding a number of SBCs that call for higher-rated cards.

The cheapest 85-rated players in FIFA 23 are game-changers because they present a great chance to boost your team’s rating without spending a fortune. You can create a potent team without spending a fortune by choosing players from the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, or Ligue 1 competitions.

By employing the proper strategy, you can use these reasonably priced options to finish your SBCs and add some intriguing new players to your Ultimate Team. As always, it’s critical to monitor the market and seize any openings that present themselves. So go forth and begin assembling your winning team!

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