When Is The Female Berserker Coming To Lost Ark

When Is The Female Berserker Releasing in Lost Ark?

When Is The Female Berserker Releasing in Lost Ark? In this article, we have explained all the known facts about this subject in detail.

A female Berserker class has long been a dream for players of the Lost Ark series. A female Berserker class may be in the works for the upcoming sequel.

It is one of the most requested classes in the game. But before we get into its specifics, let’s look at how it will work in the game. She would probably be similar to a male Berserker in play, with a few key differences.

The gender-locked classes in Lost Ark have caused much controversy. Many players have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of female classes and the prevalence of revealing female outfits.

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When Is The Female Berserker Coming To Lost Ark

However, the developer, Smilegate, has acknowledged the problems in its blog post and is working on adding a female Berserker to the game. There are a number of other games that offer female classes, but no female Berserker in Lost Ark.

A female Berserker in Lost Ark has the same stats as a male. Her HP is higher, but she is a bit weaker. She can also heal herself but her damage is less than that of a male. In addition, the female Berserker has a special power. Her special power interrupts enemies’ attacks, which is great for shielding your teammates. And her weaponry is cool!

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When is the female Berserker coming to Lost Ark?

Unfortunately, no definitive explanation exists. The Female Berserker will be available in the Korean version of Lost Ark in 2022, but no release date has been set for the Western version of Lost Ark. After the Korean release, the female Berserker will most likely make her way to the Western edition.

The female Berserker was initially previewed at the Lost Ark 2021 Winter Festival. Because the Berserker is a popular class, it stands to reason that the female counterpart would be among the first to come.

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