Escape From Tarkov Collector Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov Collector(Kappa) Quest Complete Guide

Read on to learn about Escape From Tarkov Collector Quest, its requirements, objectives, rewards, and how-to-complete guide.

Collector is a mission offered by Fence in Escape From Tarkov. The quest grants you the highly valuable Safe Kappa Container, 12 total slots (43), three more than the EoD edition secure Gamma container.

What is Kappa in Tarkov?

The Kappa container is the best safe bag in the game, with 12 cells to store items that will be safe even if you die.

What does the Kappa case in Tarkov do?

One of the most important and useful things in Tarkov is the locked case. You can put any pouch in a certain slot on your PMC. This gives you more room for loot that you won’t lose if you die in Raid. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But the best thing is that the Kappa Container has 12 cells while the basic pouch only has 4.

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How do you get Kappa Container in Tarkov?

Complete all of the following steps for the most reliable Kappa secure container:

  • Fulfill all of the quests. The majority of the quests in Tarkov can be completed this way;
  • Complete the Collector quest and bring back over 20 marked rare loot items. Ideally, you’ll be able to recover these unique artifacts from the Raid without dying.
  • Achieving a Personal Mastery Level (PMC) of 55 is the final step of the Kappa quest. Getting to this ridiculously high level can take upwards of two months.
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Escape From Tarkov Collector Quest Requirements

To unlock the “Collector” mission, you must be 55 level and have completed all of the game’s necessary quests. This takes a long period as other players become stronger and wealthier. The sooner you obtain the Kappa, the more relaxed and fun your gameplay will be.

You must bring more than 20 uncommon and extremely valuable goods to Fence to gain Kappa via the “Collector” quest. Furthermore, these things must be labeled “discovered during the raid.” Finding these objects and escaping the region alive is difficult because other players are seeking them as well.

What You Will Get

  • The Kappa, which has 12 cells, is the safest container.
  • Your character is now at the 55th level;
  • All of the loot and roubles you got on this long way to level 55, the “Collector” quest is done.
  • All the required quests have been done;
  • Those who give quests earn more respect.

Escape From Tarkov Collector Quest Rewards List

  • Secure container Kappa
  • DEADSKUL armband

Escape From Tarkov Collector Step-by-step guide

  • Reach level 55
  • Find Old firesteel in raid
  • Hand over the Old firesteel
  • Find Antique axe in raid
  • Hand over the Antique axe
  • Find Battered antique book in raid
  • Hand over the Battered antique book
  • Find FireKlean gun lube in raid
  • Hand over the FireKlean gun lube
  • Find Golden rooster in raid
  • Hand over the Golden rooster
  • Find Silver Badge in raid
  • Hand over the Silver Badge
  • Find Deadlyslob’s beard oil in raid
  • Hand over the Deadlyslob’s beard oil
  • Find Golden 1GPhone smartphone in raid.
  • Hand over the Golden 1GPhone smartphone
  • Find Jar of DevilDog mayo in raid.
  • Hand over the Jar of DevilDog mayo
  • Find Can of sprats in raid.
  • Hand over the Can of sprats
  • Find Fake mustache in raid.
  • Hand over the Fake mustache
  • Find Kotton beanie in raid.
  • Hand over the Kotton beanie
  • Find Raven figurine in raid.
  • Hand over the Raven figurine
  • Find Pestily plague mask in raid.
  • Hand over the Pestily plague mask
  • Find Shroud half-mask in raid
  • Hand over the Shroud half-mask
  • Find Can of Dr. Lupo’s coffee beans in raid
  • Hand over the Can of Dr. Lupo’s coffee beans
  • Find 42 Signature Blend English Tea in raid
  • Hand over the 42 Signature Blend English Tea
  • Find Veritas guitar pick in raid
  • Hand over the Veritas guitar pick
  • Find Evasion armband in raid
  • Hand over the Evasion armband
  • Find Can of RatCola soda in raid
  • Hand over the Can of RatCola soda
  • Find Loot Lord plushie in raid
  • Hand over the Loot Lord plushie
  • Find WZ Wallet in raid
  • Hand over the WZ Wallet
  • Find LVNDMARK’s rat poison in raid
  • Hand over the LVNDMARK’s rat poison
  • Find Smoke balaclava in raid
  • Hand over the Smoke balaclava
  • Find Missam forklift key in raid
  • Hand over the Missam forklift key
  • Find Video cassette with the Cyborg Killer movie in raid
  • Hand over the Video cassette with the Cyborg Killer movie
  • Find BakeEzy cookbook in raid
  • Hand over the BakeEzy cookbook
  • Find JohnB Liquid DNB glasses in raid.
  • Hand over the JohnB Liquid DNB glasses
  • Find Glorious E lightweight armored mask in raid
  • Hand over the Glorious E lightweight armored mask
  • Find Baddie’s red beard in raid
  • Hand over the Baddie’s red beard
  • Find DRD body armor in raid
  • Hand over the DRD body armor
  • Find Gingy keychain in raid
  • Hand over the Gingy keychain
  • Find Golden egg in raid
  • Hand over the Golden egg
  • Find Press pass (issued for NoiceGuy) in raid
  • Hand over the Press pass (issued for NoiceGuy)
  • Find Axel parrot figurine in raid
  • Hand over the Axel parrot figurine
  • Find BEAR Buddy plush toy in raid
  • Hand over the BEAR Buddy plush toy
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FAQ ABOUT Collector Quest

Is Level 62 required for Kappa?

No, you must be at least level 55 to do the Tarkov Collector quest.

How do I get the Collector quest in Tarkov?

With patch 12.13, you can start the Collector Quest when your PMC level is 55. After you finish the main quests’ middle part, Fence will offer to help you finish the Collector quest.

What are the Collector quests?

This is the hardest quest you’ll face in the game. You’ll need to bring a lot of “from raid” rare items for this quest.

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