Escape From Tarkov Capturing Outposts Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov “Capturing Outposts” Quest Guide All you need to know

Welcome to the Escape From Tarkov “Capturing Outposts” quest guide!

This guide will show you the fastest and easiest way to complete the “Capturing Outposts” mission in Escape From Tarkov by following our detailed walkthrough video guide!

What is Capturing Outposts” Quest Guide in Escape From Tarkov?

Capturing Outposts is your first PvP-related quest in Escape From Tarkov. To successfully complete it, you will need to capture at least 3 available outposts located at different parts of Chernarus.

This quest will allow you to gain experience points and rank up faster in the Global Operations faction.

It is very important to note that completing this quest will unlock two new classes – Enforcer and Insurgent – and weapons and attachments that can be used during PvP combat in Escape From Tarkov.

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“Capturing Outposts” Quest Details

You can find the details of the Escape From Tarkov Capturing Outposts mission below.

Capturing Outposts Quest Dialogue

Hey there, warrior. Listen, I have a mission for you. The other day I was informed that PMCs have captured several Scav bases in the region, and they say there are tons of goods there. Can you help the old soldier? Kill those PMCs so that my dogs could grab the loot without any issues. There are three bases in total: the big fortified building on the construction site on Customs, the former EMERCOM medical unit on Woods, and the river pier on Shoreline. Clear the places out and let me know when it’s done.

Capturing Outposts Quest Objectives

  • Eliminate 15 PMC operatives at the Scav base on Customs
  • Eliminate 15 PMC operatives at the Scav base on Woods
  • Eliminate 15 PMC operatives at the Pier on Shoreline
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Capturing Outposts Quest Rewards

When you complete the quest, you will obtain the following rewards.

  • 84,000 XP
  • 1x ASh-12 12.7×55 assault rifle
  • 1x “RFARMY” armband
  • +1.5 skill level to Throwables

Capturing Outposts Quest Guide

You won’t find much excitement on this quest in Escape From Tarkov. In each of the three environments (Customs, Woods, and Shoreline), you’ll essentially just have to wait for the prey to come to you. Funny how you’d need 15 of those. It’s one of the most frustrating quests, and completing it will take a long time unless you’re lucky enough to have a huge number of players visit the designated areas during each raid.

All the photos with the highlighted spots are included below so you can get set up as quickly as possible during the raid.

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