How to Unlock Carian Study Hall In Elden Ring Step-By-Step Guide

Read on how to unlock the Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring and explore what you need to get to the top of the Carian Study Hall.

What is Carian Study Hall?

The Carian Study Hall in the Liurnia region of the lakes is a mystery. After fighting your way to the top and facing a highly annoying red invader, you will find no way to progress to the top and reach the divine tower. 

Reaching the top of the tower requires an exceptional item, making it one of the weirdest and most unique dungeons of all—souls Game. We’ve got the full explanation below if you want to know exactly what it takes to reach the top of Carian Study Hall – and what’s up there.

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Where is Carian Study Hall Elden Ring

The Carian Study Hall is just a small part of a larger quest for an NPC called Ranni. Ranni in Ranni’s Rise is a tower of a top Caria Manor located directly north of Raya Lucaria Academy. Traveling north from the massive Magic School, you will find the gigantic Caria Mansion.

The path to the top is treacherous and includes a boss fight against a Spectral Mounted Knight. Reach the top, and you can start Ranni’s quest – she wants the Fingerslayer’s Blade. In exchange, you will receive the Inverted Statue – this is required to access the upper floors of the Carian Study Hall.

How To Unlock Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring?

Carian Study Hall is a tower on the east side of Liurnia Lakes attached to the Divine Tower by a bridge. You can access Carian Study Hall anytime, but there is no way to reach the top. Going upstairs only reveals a dead end in the high rafters and corpses that seem to defy gravity.

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A step-by-step guide to unlocking Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring

  1. To unlock Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring, you first must defeat Rennala of the Full Moon at the Raya Lucaria Academy. Once here, you need to make your way inside and past the sorcerer.
  2. To reach the top of Carian Study Hall, you will need to acquire the Inverted Statue from NPC Ranni in Ranni’s Rise, Caria Manor.
  3. Ranni will give you the Inverted Statue in exchange for the Finger Slayer Blade. The Blade of the Fingerslayer is located in Nokron, Eternal City — to unlock Nokron, defeat Starbane Radahn then travel to the field south of Mist to find a giant crater. Go inside, and you will reach Nokron in the Siofra River.
  4. In Nokron, explore until you defeat the Mimic Tear boss and enter the Hallowed Land of Night area. Drop down to the street level, where a massive corpse is on a throne. Underneath the body, you’ll find the Fingerslayer Blade.
  5. Give the Fingerslayer’s Blade to Ranni in Ranni’s Rise Tower at the back of Caria Manor. She will give you the Inverted Statue as a reward. 
  6. Use the Inverted Statue at the start of the Carian Study Hall to unlock the Inverted Carian Study Hall.
How to Unlock Carian Study Hall In Elden Ring
How to Unlock Carian Study Hall In Elden Ring

The entire tower will flip over, and you can now progress to the top by “falling.” Maneuver carefully to the rafters and descend on the lift below. It will lead you to the exit door, which reorients the world and grants you access to the Divine Tower.

Instead of a large rune, this divine tower has two rewards at the top. You’ll find the Death’s Curse key item and the Astronomer’s Legacy.

  • Curse of death: key element. Required to complete Fie, the Deathbed Companion quest. Find her deep in Deeproot Depths and give her the Cursemark to unlock a special boss bottle.
  • Astronomer’s Legacy: A talisman that increases intelligence stats.
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Even if you don’t plan on completing Fie’s quest, it’s still an area worth exploring just because of her unique gadget. Now you know how to unlock the Carian Study Hall.

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