Elden Ring Sorceress Sellen Quest How to Complete The Quest Chain

Elden Ring Sorceress Sellen Quest: How to Complete The Quest Chain!

A detailed article of the entire Elden Ring Sorceress Sellen quest chain, including rewards, character location, finding all the necessary items, and each end.

Who is Sorceress Sellen In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Sorceress Sellen Quest

Sorceress Sellen is an NPC and merchant in Elden Ring. She may be located inside the Waypoint Ruins, far east of Limgrave’s main entrance. She has the ability to teach you Sorcery. She may also be summoned as an NPC Summon during unique battles.

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Sorceress Sellen Location in Elden Ring

For the first time, Sorceress Sellen can be found in the Waypoint Ruins of the settlement of eastern Graveyard-Limgrave. To do this, you will have to fight the optional boss Pumpkinhead Madness, and then you will gain access to her chambers underground (go down to the basement). Sorceress Sellen’s quest chain is quite long, but it won’t start right away either. You may have spotted someone resembling Sellen chained to a wall in the Witchbane Ruins on the Weeping Peninsula.

If you’re following the Seluvis questline, you’ll notice a hidden underground room next to Rennie’s Tower, where the immobilized Sorceress Sellen is located. She is located behind an illusory wall at the back of the chamber, resembling her settlement Ruins room.

How To Start Sorceress Sellen Quest?

Sorceress Sellen’s quest chain will begin when you reach the Gelmir volcano. Outside the hermit, the village is a bridge with a place of grace called “Original Arcanist Azur.” At this point, you can talk to Azur, who will give you Azur’s Comet. Return to Sellene and select the “Show Azur’s Sorcery” option.

How To Complete Sorceress Sellen Quest? Step By Step

  1. You can continue the conversation with Sellen by asking for a hint on where to look for Lusat. She will say that he returned to his home, to the magical city of Sellia. To find Lusat, you need to go to this very Sellia and get to the “Shelter of Sellia” location. It is located behind an illusory wall southwest of Fort Faroth in the Starry Wastes. Go inside and look for another hidden path in the northwestern part.
  2. Go into the cave, jump down to the crystals, and then to the bottom. Find the door in the northwestern part. It will have a print on it. Use Cellic Seal Breaker to unlock the door. Go to the end of the room and talk to Lusat. You will receive the spell “Destructive Stars.”
  3. Use the crystals to return to the place of grace and kill the spider creature in the pool you hit. A path here will lead you back to a room filled with crystals. You will have to follow a linear route back to the place of grace. When you’re outside, return to the Settlement Ruins in the Graveyard.
  4. Tell Sorceress Sellen the location where Master Lusat was found. In return, she will give you some Starlight Shards. She will then say that the bodies of Lusat and Azur must be returned to the Academy, and then she will utter a suggestive phrase: “If only I could remove these shackles.” At this stage, you need to complete the quest chain of Rennie the Witch and the quest of Blydd the half-wolf. This can only be done if Radan, the Bane of Stars in the Starry Wastes, is destroyed. After that, when talking with Sorceress Sellen, new dialogue options will appear.
  5. After defeating Radan, return to Sellene. She will ask you something. Sorceress Sellen will say that her body is located elsewhere in the ruins of the Witchesbane (Weeping Peninsula). And in the Ruins of the settlement, you see only its projection. Travel to the ruins of Witchbane on the Weeping Peninsula to find Enchantress Sorceress Sellen locked in a dungeon.
  6. When you get to the ruins, talk to Sorceress Sellen. She will give her original shining stone, which represents her essence. Afterward, return to the hidden rooms, which you will find as part of the Seluvis quest chain. They are located east of Rennie’s Tower. Get to the end of the hall, where the motionless body of the sorceress Sorceress Sellen is located, and use the original shiny stone obtained earlier on her. She will wake up and say she can return to Rai Lukaria Academy. If you return to the Ruins of the settlement right now, then the projections of Sorceress Sellen will no longer be found there.
  7. Now you need to return to the castle of the Red Mane in the Starry Wastes. You killed Radan. Talk to Jerren, who will leave the castle as he has nothing more to do with him. You can now find it in the Witchbane Ruins near Sorceress Sellen’s body. He will tell you she was previously known as the Witch of the Statues. She was obsessed with restoring the primordial current and was the most feared magician from Lukaria’s Paradise Academy. As Sorceress Sellen mentioned earlier, this is where she intends to return.
  8. Go to the Great Library of Paradise Lukaria, and at the entrance will see two summoning stones. Red will allow you to challenge the sorceress, Sorceress Sellen, and gold will help her.

If you decide to help the sorceress Sellene, you will fight with her against the witch hunter Jerren (all in the same Big Library). Defeating him will reward you with:

  • Eccentric’s Armor set
  • Glintstone Kris dagger
  • Shard Spiral sorcery
  • Witch’s Glintstone Crown

After receiving the weirdo kit, talk to Sorceress Sellen. She will give you the Glintstone Kris dagger. You can also buy the Shard Spiral spell from her. Teleport to the place of grace in front of you and find the many-sided orb of sages. This is a reincarnated Sellene that you can trade with. There is a shiny witch crown nearby. Visit the locations where Lusat and Azur were found to get their shiny sets.

If you decide to help the hunter Jerren, you will have to defeat Sorceress Sellen. As a result, you will receive Sorceress Sellen’s Bell Orb and a Witch’s Glintstone Crown. There will be Jerren, who will hand you a dragon-smithing stone outside the library gate where the summoning sign was.

Killing Sellen will award you:

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I help Sorceress Sellen?

By choosing to assist Sellen, the player will receive Jerren’s armor, a new weapon, and access to a new sorcery. As a reward for assisting Jerren, you will get an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, Sellen’s famous headgear, and Sellen’s Bell Bearing.

Can I save Sorceress Sellen?

If you want to complete Sellen’s questline and obtain all of the prizes, you cannot save it. The only option for things to go well for her is to terminate her questline early.

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