Elden Ring Preceptor’s Armor Set: How To Obtain Them!

In this article, we told you what the Preceptor’s Armor Set in the Elden ring is, what armor sets it consists of, where you can find it and how you can get it.

The Preceptor’s Armor Set is an excellent set of armor for players of Elden Ring. It offers magical defense and a strong defense against enemies. The set can be found in several places, such as Upcomer’s hub. Here’s a look at where to buy the armor set.

What is Preceptor’s Armor Set?

The Preceptor’s Armor Set is one of the armor sets in Elden Ring. This set of armor is worn by magic teachers serving the Carian royal family.

Contrary to a decrease in strength, it increases mental stamina. Armor Sets in Elden Ring consist of four armor pieces: Preceptor’s Big Hat, Preceptor’s Long Gown, Preceptor’s Gloves, and Preceptor’s Pants.

The set’s stats are reasonable, and it boosts Physical Damage Negation and the Weapon Skill. You can obtain this set relatively easily in Elden Ring, though this may depend on the questline you choose.

Where to find Preceptor’s Armor Set?

After completing Ranni’s questline, it was discovered on Seluvis’s body at Seluvis’s Rise.

How to get Preceptor’s Armor Set?

Preceptor's Armor Set in Elden Ring
Preceptor’s Armor Set in Elden Ring

The questline of Ranni is not easy to complete. Starscourge Radahn must be vanquished, Nokron and Nokstella’s everlasting cities must be visited, and numerous bosses must be eliminated.

How to finish Ranni’s questline was covered in earlier articles. The primary tasks, though, are finishing the eternal cities and the Carian Study Hall before returning to Ranni and giving her the Dark Moon Ring.

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The questline is deemed accomplished after this ring is presented to Ranni. You can now return to Ranni’s Rise and battle Blaidd to obtain his armor set.

If you want the Preceptor’s armor set, you must travel southeast to Seluvis‘ Rise. This tower is normally locked, but it will no longer be locked after finishing Ranni’s quest line.

Inside, you’ll find Seluvis’s dead body and an item on him. You can obtain his Bell Bearing and the Preceptor’s armor set by looting his corpse. You can also return outside to obtain the Black Wolf Mask.

You now have an excellent magical protection armor set in Elden Ring.

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