Elden Ring Can’t Duplicate Remembrance Fix

You are trying to duplicate a Remembrance, but you can’t succeed? This guide will help you out.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to fix can’t Duplicate Remembrance issue in Elden Ring and ensure that you have the best possible gaming experience!

What is Can’t Duplicate Remembrance in Elden Ring?

Duplicate a remembrance issue is a bug that can occur during the game. When you collect a certain amount of items, the game will start duplicating them.

For example, if you have five pieces of armor, the game may begin to spawn two of each piece instead of just one. This can cause serious problems because it will eventually lead to your inventory becoming full, and you will be unable to pick up any new items.

What are the causes of the Duplicate Remembrance issue in Elden Ring?

There are two leading causes of this issue:

  1. The first cause is related to the game’s save system. When you save your game, the game saves all items in your inventory. If you have many items, the game may take longer to save, and during this time, the game may duplicate some of the things.
  2. The second cause is related to the game’s item spawning system. When you enter an area, the game spawns all of the items in that area. If you have a lot of things, the game may take longer to generate them, and during this time, some of the items may be duplicated.

How to fix Elden Ring cant duplicate Remembrance error?

Go to another mausoleum. I realize it seems like a love it or leaves it response, but this is the best method to solve this situation.

Go to another mausoleum. The Remembrance in Elden Ring cannot be duplicated because the mausoleum you are in is incompatible with the one you wish to reproduce.

Mausoleums without a bell, for example, do not accept Shard Bearer memory. If you can’t reproduce them, the tomb you’re in isn’t appropriate for the type of Remembrance you’re trying.

Elden Ring Can’t Duplicate Remembrance Fix
Elden Ring Can’t Duplicate Remembrance Fix

The essential thing to remember is that remembrances can only be duplicated once. There are also just seven walking mausoleums. So, before repeating a remembrance, consider whether it would be worthwhile.

How many times can you duplicate Remembrance Elden Ring?

In the Lands Between, there are two kinds of mausoleums. The first is a mausoleum with bells since it can reproduce the main boss memories. Only demigod memories may be recreated in mausoleums with bells beneath them.

Keep in mind that each tomb may only have one Remembrance. The big bosses’ mausoleums may house a range of various sorts of Remembrances. Those with less significant bosses, on the other hand, only acknowledge lower boss Remembrances.

What are the best Remembrances to duplicate in Elden Ring?

Since we’ve resolved your Elden Ring can’t duplicate Remembrance issue, you should be aware that the best Remembrances to duplicate in Elden Ring are those that can be traded for more than 40,000 Runes, namely:

  • The Remembrance of the Starscourge, which is worth 40K Runes
  • The Remembrance of the Blasphemous, which is worth 50K Runes
  • The Elden Remembrance, which is worth 50K Runes
  • The Remembrance of the Rot Goddess, which is worth 50K Runes

These Remembrances also grant access to formidable weaponry.

  • The Remembrance of the Starscourge unlocks the Greatsword
  • The Remembrance of the Blasphemous gives you the Blasphemous Blade, which is a Greatsword
  • The Elden Remembrance offers you Marika’s Hammer
  • The Remembrance of the Rot Goddess unlocks the Hand of Malenia, which is a Katana sword


By following these tips, you should be able to avoid the duplicate remembrance issue in Elden Ring.

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