Elden Ring Bleed Build

Elden Ring Bleed Build: The Best Option Against Bosses Like Malenia

Here is a list of our Elden Ring Bleed Build, including their ranking among all the Bleed Builds. Dive into that and explore!

 This build will drive even the toughest bosses to their knees!

The strongest builds in Elden Ring are built around the bleed effect. You can defeat even the most challenging bosses in under a minute.

Bleed builds are one of the most popular playstyles in Elden Ring. No wonder because nothing breaks down tough bosses like Malenia faster. But they are also very flexible, as you can easily use some good spells without neglecting your damage. With the right talismans, you can then decide whether you want to go all out or prefer to play defensively.

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Why are bleed builds so good?

When it comes to good bleed damage, the Bloody Streams weapon has little competition. 
This is mainly due to the fantastic weapon art.

Bleeding is so intense because it deals with percentage damage. This means that if you land enough hits, the opponent will lose 15% of their maximum health. This also works for bosses.

Hardly any other weapon can trigger this status effect faster than the katana Bloody Streams . Weapon Art hits a large area in front of you and causes the highest bleed buildup in the game. Usually 3-4 hits are enough.

Early Game Build (Levels 1-50)


Starting Class: Samurai


  • Power: 30
  • Spirit: 12
  • Condition: 14
  • Strength: 12
  • Skill: 20
  • Wisdom: 9
  • Faith: 12
  • Arcane: 20

Weapon: Uchigatana (with bloody ashes of war) 

Offhand: Sigil of Dragon Communion

Talismans: Green Turtle Talisman

Thanks to the samurai class, you start with a perfect weapon for bleeding builds. Get the Ashes of War Bloody Blow early to increase the effect. But use the weapon ability sparingly, as it costs life energy. 

Thanks to 12 Faith and the Sigil of Dragon Communion, you can use some invocations to add some variety to your playstyle. The sigil also scales with your Arcane stat, which in turn improves your bleeds. 

Talismans play a minor role this early in the game. Take what you can get. We only recommend the Green Turtle Talisman , as it compensates for your relatively short stamina bar.

Mid Game Build (Level 51-100)

You should be around level 100 when you reach Lyndell. 
Your playstyle doesn’t change much, but a few invocations add some variety.


  • Power: 40
  • spirit: 20
  • Condition: 18
  • Strength: 12
  • Skill: 25
  • Wisdom: 9
  • Faith: 15
  • Arcane: 40

Weapon: Uchigatana (Bloody Ashes of War) 

Offhand: Sigil of Dragon Communion

Talismans: Green Turtle Talisman, Winged Sword InsigniaDragon Crest Talisman+1Arsenal Talisman

The uchigatana remains your best bet. If you keep it up to date, you should be up to +15 to +20 occult upgrades by now. At 15 Wisdom you should now be able to cast some of the Dragon invocations as well as buffs like Flame give me power! .

For talismans, we recommend a mixture of defense and attack. However, you can swap out the Arsenal Talisman as you wish, depending on which armor you want to wear.

End Game Build (Levels 101-150)

For normal opponents, one hit of your weaponry is enough.

Why only level 150?

Most builds that you find online end at level 150. The community has agreed on this level so that you can still find enough players for PvP or summons.

If you don’t like the game’s multiplayer aspect, feel free to keep leveling up. By now, you should have a feel for what stats you need.


  • Power: 50
  • spirit: 28
  • Condition: 20
  • Strength: 12
  • Skill: 35
  • Wisdom: 9
  • Faith: 25
  • Arcane: 50

Weapon: Bloody Streams

Offhand: Sigil of Dragon Communion

Talismans: Cheers of the BloodlordDragon, Greatshield Talisman, Favor of the Earth Tree +2Shard of Alexander

Finally you should call Bloody Streams your own. Upgrade it directly as much as possible and mainly use the weapon art. That’s enough to finish off almost any opponent in a few hits. With 25 Faith you can strengthen yourself with the Golden Oath invocation. Also, most dragon invocations now work. Ideal for additionally tormenting bosses with Scarlet Rot.

With the talismans, you have a lot to choose from. The Favor of the Earth Tree +2 allows you to wear heavy armor. If you don’t need that, use the Rotting Winged Sword Insignia instead. You can also swap out the Dragon Greatshield Talisman’s defense for the Carian Filigree Crest if you’re good at dodging. 

Additional equipment

The White Mask perfectly supports your bleed build.

In addition to the armor of your choice, we recommend the White Mask . You can also check our “Bandit Mask Elden Ring: How To Get The Elden Ring White Mask Complete Guide” to learn hoe to get it. 

With it, your damage increases by 10% again when you bleed. This works in tandem with the Blood Lord’s Cheers. Then you get 30% more damage with each bleeding, which you trigger every 5-6 seconds. So this buff is active all the time. 

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