how to develop Pentagram into Gorgeous Moon in Vampire Survivors

How to Develop Pentagram into Gorgeous Moon in Vampire Survivors

Read on to learn how to develop Pentagram into Gorgeous Moon in Vampire Survivors.

Due to its effectiveness against most enemies, the Pentagram quickly became a fan favorite in Vampire Survivors. Did you know there’s a more potent variant called Gorgeous Moon that does everything one can imagine and more? For those playing Vampire Survivors, here is how to evolve Pentagram into Gorgeous Moon in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock Pentagram in Vampire Survivors

If you can make it through a stage with any character for 20 minutes, you can unlock the Pentagram. Christine Davain also has it as her primary weapon. By following this guide, not only do you gain access to Christine Davain, but you also raise the Pentagram to Level 7.

If you are an experienced Vampire Survivors player, you are already familiar with the evolution process for the core weapons. However, we will provide the materials and instructions if you are a new player.

You must first obtain the weapon you want to evolve to its highest level, which you do by either trying to get it by a lucky roll from a Treasure Chest – which is not that likely, and you do not want Pentagram going off randomly – or by picking the Pentagram whenever it is offered in the level-up menu. As soon as you like it, it activates again, so pick up everything noteworthy or move elsewhere before leveling up.

After completing this mission, you must have attained at least one level of the Passive Item required to tired lace. Crown is a required Passive Item when using Pentagram. Once you’ve gotten any character to Level 10 on any stage, you’ll have instant access to the Crown. Crown increases experience gain by 8% per a maximum of 40%. Acquiring the Crown prepares you to e race successfully. When you destroy a boss during your run, a Treasure Chethe st will fall for you to collect.

Vampire Survivors will almost always provide the evolution of the weapon you are currently eligible to evolve. Don’t be shocked when this occurs, though, as it is set to be 100%, and you can do nothing about it. Two times during your run, the game will drop an Arcana chest (as wallowing has unlocked the Randomazzo) that will allow you to choose a new Arcana.

The Gorgeous Moon is a stunning weapon that can be seen charging up over time, exploding with a mind-bending visual effect that wipes nearly everything off the screen, and then sucking in every last Experience Gem you’ve collected. Very cool, eh?

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