Escape From Tarkov Customs map extraction points

Mastering the Customs Map Extraction Points in Escape From Tarkov

Read on to learn about Escape From Tarkov Customs map extraction points.

Escape from Tarkov (EFT) provides an unparalleled amalgamation of survival and simulation elements, immersing players in its rich mechanics and intricate systems. Within this realm, the Customs map stands as a puzzle for many.

Within the expansive Customs map, you’ll encounter more than 20 extraction points, each with its own unique set of requirements and availability. Navigating this terrain is a formidable task for both PMC (Player Controlled Characters) and Scav (Scavengers) players. Hence, this comprehensive guide endeavors to shed light on the enigmatic Escape From Tarkov Customs map extraction points, equipping you with the essential knowledge to traverse the map with utmost proficiency.

Understanding the Customs Map Extraction Points

Escape From Tarkov Customs map extraction points

Before we delve into the specifics of each extraction point, it’s crucial to understand that the availability of these points can vary depending on your chosen character (PMC or Scav) and your spawn location. Pressing the ‘O’ key allows you to view your accessible extraction points, allowing you to strategize your path accordingly.

Let’s examine the nine PMC accessible extraction points and their requirements.

1. Crossroads

No requirements

The Crossroads is a universally accessible extraction point located on the map’s western side. Players need to traverse the road until reaching a corner with a ‘STOP’ sign and a parked truck. The extraction points for PMCs and Scavs are on opposite sides of this blockade.

2. Trailer Park

No requirements

Found in the southwest corner of the map, the Trailer Park serves as an exclusive extraction point for PMCs. Players need to reach the end of the map, where a barrier with buses is visible. A grassy corner area with trees to the left of the buses marks the escape point.

3. Smuggler’s Boat

Requires: Lit campfire and boat

This extraction point, located on the map’s large river’s northern bank, is exclusive to PMCs. The Smuggler’s Boat does not appear in every match. Should players find a lit campfire on the river’s shore, they can use the boat for extraction.

4. RUAF Roadblock

No requirements

Located just east of the map’s large river on the southern border, the RUAF Roadblock is a universally accessible extraction point. A large truck next to a significant roadblock marks this location.

5. Dorms V-Ex

Requires: 5,000 Roubles per player (max 4)

The Dorms V-Ex extraction point is centrally located on the map’s northern edge. Players can find a parked car inside an open gate in the woods behind the dorms building. This extraction point can only accommodate up to four players at a time and closes off for the rest of the game post-utilization.

6. Old Gas Station

Requires: Green Flares to be lit

This PMC exclusive extraction point is situated on the map’s southern side, off the main road, southeast of the large customs building. Players can identify its availability by looking out for green flares. The extraction point is inside the building, down the stairs.

7. ZB-1011

No requirements

Located in the southeast corner of Customs, the ZB-1011 extraction point is only accessible to PMCs. The entrance is a small bunker near some elevated pipelines at the end of the buildings.

8. ZB-1012

Requires: Searchlight to be on

Like ZB-1011, ZB-1012 is a PMC-only extraction point. It’s another bunker entrance located near the railway track’s end. A searchlight above the door indicates its availability.

9. ZB-1013

Requires: Factory Key, lever in Warehouse 4

ZB-1013 is the most complex extraction point. It’s located underground in Reshala’s building in the map’s center. To access it, players must activate a lever in Warehouse 4 and have a Factory key.


This guide covers the essential extraction points on the Customs map in Escape from Tarkov. However, the game features multiple maps, each with their unique extraction points. As the game continues to evolve, new extraction points might be added. Thus, staying updated with the game’s developments is crucial for mastering the extraction points and enhancing your overall gaming experience.

If you think we missed any crucial details about the Customs map extraction points or have any suggestions, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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