how to connect Xbox controller to the Tesla Model 3

Rev Up Your Gaming: Effortlessly Connect Xbox Controller To Tesla Model 3!

Read on to learn how to connect Xbox controller to the Tesla Model 3. If you wish to use an Xbox controller to play games on your Tesla, go to our tutorial and the FAQs.

The in-car entertainment system in Tesla vehicles is renowned. There are many games drivers can play while their cars are charging or in the car. To improve your experience, you can even use a game controller. A controller must also be connected to play a few games.

You can easily connect your Xbox controller to your Tesla Model 3/Y by following the instructions in this article.

How to Connect Xbox Controller to The Tesla Model 3/Y in Detail

To use an Xbox controller on your Tesla, it is essential to use a data cable, not a USB cable that is only meant for charging and lacks a data transfer function. You can plug your controller into the Tesla Model 3/Y’s main screen through the USB-C ports placed in the center console or via the USB-A port in the glove box. If you prefer a wireless connection or cannot connect via cable, you may refer to our guide below. As a professional, it is crucial to follow these instructions without leaving out any necessary information.

Step 1: Buy a wireless adapter

Purchase a wireless dongle or adapter to pair your Xbox controller. Two of the most popular options are MAYFLASH Magic NS 2 and 8Bitdo Wireless USB Adapter 2.

Step 2: Utilizing Tesla’s USB data ports, connect the wireless adapter

Utilizing Tesla’s USB data ports, connect the wireless adapter. If necessary, use a USB-A to USB-C adapter. Please be aware that the center console of more recent Model 3/Y vehicles lacks USB data ports. You must make use of the USB-A port located inside the glove box.

Step 3: Start pairing your wireless adapter

Start pairing your wireless adapter. The pairing button on the 8Bitdo is on the bottom, whereas the Magic NS’s pairing mode is activated by pressing the black button on the side until the light turns green and blinks quickly.

Step 4: Press the Xbox button for one second until it lights up

To activate pairing mode on your controller, press the Xbox button for one second until it lights up. Then, for three seconds, press and hold the circular pair button on the back of the controller.

Step 5: Have Fun

When you pair the wireless adapter and Xbox controller, the lights on both devices will stop blinking. The pairing will be confirmed by a notification message on your Tesla’s screen.

Have fun with your games in your Tesla Model 3!

Frequently Asked Questions

My Tesla says the Xbox controller is disconnected. How can I fix it?

Your wireless adapter can lose signal between your Tesla and the Xbox controller. Unplug the adapter and replug it into the vehicle. In a few seconds, the controller and your car will be paired. If you frequently encounter this problem, you may need to speak with your seller and enquire about the wireless adapter’s status about firmware updates. Occasionally, a minor update can resolve these disconnect issues.

Can I connect all Xbox controllers to my Tesla?

It has been widely reported that Tesla owners use wired and wireless Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X controllers to play Xbox games. Some wireless dongles, however, do not work with all these controllers. Before purchasing an adapter, it is recommended that you perform extensive research.

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