how to complete the Fleeting Lights quest in Honkai Star Rail

Unveiling the Mysteries: Tips And Tricks For Success In The Fleeting Lights Quest In Honkai: Star Rail

To obtain Stellar Jade, you must first unlock The Forgotten Hall. Read on to learn how to complete the Fleeting Lights quest in Honkai: Star Rail.

Unlocking The Forgotten Hall and obtaining the free character Qingque is a significant milestone for Honkai: Star Rail players. The Fleeting Lights quest is the key to achieving this goal. This comprehensive guide will explore how to complete the Fleeting Lights quest and delve into the intricacies of unlocking The Forgotten Hall, reaping its rewards, and progressing in Honkai: Star Rail.

How To Complete The Fleeting Lights Quest Step By Step

1. Introduction to the Fleeting Lights Quest

The Fleeting Lights quest is necessary to unlock The Forgotten Hall, a challenging dungeon in Honkai: Star Rail that offers valuable currency like Stellar Jade. Similar to the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact, The Forgotten Hall is the primary source of money for acquiring new characters. Additionally, players can obtain the free feeling of Qingque upon completing certain quest stages.

2. Prerequisites for Starting the Fleeting Lights Quest

Before attempting the Fleeting Lights quest, players must meet specific prerequisites in the game. The quest becomes available once the player reaches Trailblaze Level 21 and completes the first quest trial to raise their Equilibrium at Trailblaze Level 20.

3. Steps to Initiate the Fleeting Lights Quest

To begin the Fleeting Lights quest, follow these steps:

Step 1: Receive a Message from Pom-Pom

After reaching Trailblaze Level 21 and completing the first quest trial, Pom-Pom, the conductor, will send the player a message expressing concern about something unusual happening on the Astral Express.

Step 2: Investigate the Parlor Car

Players must return to the Astral Express and speak with Pom-Pom. After this conversation, they should head to the broken mirror located at the far end of the lounge on the right.

Step 3: Interact with the Messenger NPC

Upon interacting with the broken mirror, the Messenger NPC will appear and provide information about The Forgotten Hall, thus initiating the Fleeting Lights quest.

4. Understanding The Forgotten Hall

The Forgotten Hall is a series of battle-based challenges players must complete earning Stellar Jade and other rewards. These challenges become increasingly difficult as the player progresses, requiring multiple teams of characters and diverse damage types to succeed.

Players can earn Stellar Jade and other rewards by completing objectives in each battle, with three being the maximum number of objectives. These objectives typically involve finishing actions as quickly as possible.

5. Navigating the Forgotten Hall Challenges

The Forgotten Hall challenges test the player’s skills and provide valuable rewards. To navigate these challenges effectively, players should keep the following in mind:

  • The challenges get progressively more complex as players advance through the stages.
  • Players will need multiple teams of characters with various damage types to complete the challenges.
  • Each battle has a maximum of three objectives that players must complete to earn rewards.

6. Claiming Qingque and Other Rewards

Players can claim Qingque on her banner in the Travel Log by completing the third stage of the Forgotten Hall Memory. Besides Qingque, players can earn Stellar Jade and other valuable rewards in The Forgotten Hall. These rewards reset with each new version, allowing players to make more currency as they progress through the game.

7. Tips for Success in The Forgotten Hall

To ensure success in The Forgotten Hall, players should:

  • Focus on completing objectives as quickly as possible.
  • Build diverse teams of characters with various damage types.
  • Continuously upgrade their characters and weapons to tackle more demanding challenges.
  • Utilize elemental reactions and character synergies to deal more damage.
  • Stay aware of enemy weaknesses and exploit them to their advantage.

8. The Significance of Stellar Jade

Stellar Jade is the primary currency to pull new characters in Honkai: Star Rail. By completing The Forgotten Hall challenges, players can earn large amounts of Stellar Jade, which can be used to expand their roster of characters. Players should prioritize maximizing their earnings of Stellar Jade by completing all objectives and challenges in The Forgotten Hall.

9. Building Multiple Teams for the Challenges

As the challenges in The Forgotten Hall become more difficult, players must build multiple teams of characters with various damage types. This is crucial for overcoming diverse challenges and earning Stellar Jade and other rewards. Players should experiment with different character combinations and build teams to handle various enemy types and battle scenarios.

10. Endgame Content in Honkai: Star Rail

The Forgotten Hall and the later levels of the Simulated Universe serve as the endgame content in Honkai: Star Rail. By tackling these challenges and earning rewards, players can progress in the game and access more powerful characters and equipment. Continuously improving their characters and strategies will help players succeed in the endgame challenges and unlock the full potential of Honkai: Star Rail.

In conclusion, completing the Fleeting Lights quest and unlocking The Forgotten Hall is essential to progressing in Honkai: Star Rail. By understanding the requirements, strategies, and rewards associated with this quest, players can maximize their success and enjoy the best that Honkai: Star Rail has to offer.

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