how to change your team in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

How To Change Your Team In The Cookie Run Kingdom: A Comprehensive Guide

Read on to learn how to change your team in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

The well-known mobile game Cookie Run Kingdom has enthralled millions of players worldwide. The game’s primary goal is to gather and level up various kinds of cookies while forming teams to take on missions and challenges. You might discover that your team needs to change as the game progresses to suit your play style better or meet new challenges. This thorough guide will cover building your ideal team and how to change your team in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Understanding Your Team

It’s critical to comprehend the strengths and weaknesses of your current team before moving on to how to change your team. Tap the “Cookie Team” icon at the bottom of the screen to see your team’s roster. The levels, tools, and skills of the cookies on your team are displayed here. You can determine what performance areas need improvement by analyzing how well your team performed during missions and challenges. Additionally, awareness of the various varieties of cookies and their capabilities can aid in team building and strategy.

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How To Get A New Team In The Cookie Run Kingdom

Step 1: Open the screen for team management. You must enter the team management screen to change your team. The ‘Party’ button is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the main screen, and tapping it will enable you to do this. Once you’re on the party screen, your current team and your active cookies will be visible.

Step 2: Replace the cookies. Simply tap on the cookie you want to replace to change your team. A list of all the cookies you own will be displayed. Tap on the cookie you want to use in its place after selecting it. In your team, the new cookie will replace the old one.

Step 3: Save the modifications. Don’t forget to save your changes after switching out your cookies. The ‘Save’ button is located in the bottom right corner of the screen, and you can do this by tapping it. This will guarantee that your new team is organized and prepared for your upcoming adventure.

Building Your Dream Team

Creating your ideal team requires planning and trial and error in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Find tperfecteal cookies for your team as a first step. Cookies can be divided into various types, such as jelly, cream, and chocolate, each with unique qualities that enhance the others. Discovering the ideal team composition for your play style can be accomplished by experimenting with various cookie combinations.

Building a solidng team also requires leveling up your cookies. Your cookies can be leveled up using mission resources or sacrificing other cookies. Your cookies’ stats and skills can be improved by arming them with armor and weapons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about changing your team in the Cookie Run Kingdom:

How often should I change my team?

It depends on your play style and goals. Changing your team may be necessary to overcome the challenge if you’re stuck on a challenging mission. Alternatively, you may want to experiment with different team compositions for fun.

Will changing my team affect my progress in the game?

No, changing your team will not affect your progress in the game. However, changing your team comes at a cost, which may affect your coin and crystal reserves.

How do I unlock new cookies?

New cookies can be obtained through gacha pulls or completinspecificin missions and challenges.

Can I change my team during battles?

No, you cannot change your team during battles. Make sure you have the right team composition before entering the fight.

How do I know if my team is strong enough?

You can evaluate your team’s performance in missions and challenges to determine its strength. If you’re having difficulty completing tasks, it may be a sign that your team needs improvement.


Changing your team in the Cookie Run Kingdom can be a fun and rewarding experience. By understanding your team, experimenting with different cookie combinations, and leveling up your cookies, you can

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