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Rise to the Top in Vampire Survivors: The Secret to Success is Buying Powerups!

This guide will detail the various powerups available in Vampire Survivors and the recommended purchase order for acquiring them.

The game’s main menu in Vampire Survivors features many helpful enhancements that can be purchased. These upgrades can boost your overall run experience and coin yield. Some, like Amount, affect your success rate more than others, like Banish, which is an extra cost.

However, there are other factors besides utility to consider before dropping cash on a set of powerups. If you want the most bang for your buck, there is a recommended sequence to purchase these powerups.

How To Buy Powerups And The Best Order

The Vampire Survivors main menu includes a separate submenu for powerups. Here, you can purchase powerups, get a refund for the money spent on them, change the order of your upgrade purchases, or buy new characters with the money.

Amount and Revival are two examples of single-use powerups, whereas other powerups have several levels, each corresponding to a more robust boost tier. All other powerups become more expensive whenever you buy a powerup upgrade. There is a preferred order in which you should purchase these upgrades, typically going from most expensive to least expensive because some powerups are more costly than others.

The best method for buying powerups in Vampire Survivors is as follows:

  1. Revival
  2. Amount
  3. Curse
  4. Growth
  5. Reroll
  6. Cooldown
  7. Armor
  8. Luck
  9. Might
  10. Recovery
  11. Greed
  12. Area
  13. Speed
  14. Duration
  15. Move Speed
  16. Magnet
  17. Max Health
  18. Banish
  19. Skip
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As of patch 5.2, the price was 211,430 coins.

Following this procedure could mean the difference between being able to buy all the upgrades and still having thousands of gold on hand or not being able to buy any upgrades at all.

The best way to position yourself for success in Vampire Survivors may not be to take this upgrade path if you’re starting. While Revival and Amount are excellent starting options, they are both costly if you don’t have any coins. You can save the upgrade for last (even if it’s not the best upgrade for your coin) because Curse will make the game harder for you.

Whatever you decide, return to this guide and follow the above steps as soon as you have between 50,000 and 100,000 coins.

All Powerups In Vampire Survivors

The chart below will assist you in doing some research before you buy if you’re new to Vampire Survivors and unsure what some of these powerups do. The Vampire Survivors powerups as of patch 5.2 are listed below:

Vampire Survivors Powerups

PowerupOptimal orderEffectMax rankChange per rank
Revival1Revives the player at 50% health1One additional revive
Amount2Fires one additional projectile1One additional projectile
Curse3Increases enemy speed, health, quantity, and frequency510%
Growth4Gain more experience53%
Reroll5Reroll the shop options once per rank4One additional re-roll
Cooldown6Weapons take less time between activations22.50%
Armor7Reduces incoming damage3One less damage
Luck8Chance to get lucky increases310%
Might9Increase damage55%
Recovery10Recovers health per second50.1
Greed11Gain more coins510%
Area12Increases effect size25%
Speed13Projectiles move faster210%
Duration14Weapon effects last longer215%
Move speed15Character moves faster25%
Magnet16Pick up items at an increased range225%
Max Health17Increases health310%
Banish18Remove an item from all further shops4One additional banish
Skip19Skip the level-up shop and get experience instead3One additional skip

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