Bilbrin Lichbloom In Lost Ark: Where To Find, How To Win And Rewards!

In Lost Ark, you can explore the dungeons and islands with your friends that you have made in the game. Not only that, you fight mobs and boss monsters like the field boss and the world boss. But that’s not all, and you have the option to fight other players in PVP battles.

In this guide, we will discuss where to find the boss Bilbrin Lichbloom Lost Ark and how to defeat it. 

Lost Ark has many different monsters that the player must defeat to become stronger and move forward in their adventures. Some monsters are easy to kill, while others require the coordination of multiple players. The strongest among these monsters is called the World Boss. 

In the Travel Book in Lost Ark, a menu showing the contents of your chosen continent, you can also see which world boss appears on the map.

There are 20 world bosses in Lost Ark if you count all continents. All world bosses have different levels, abilities, stats, and mechanics.

Who is Bilbrin Lichbloom in Lost Ark?

Who is Bilbrin Lichbloom in Lost Ark
Who is Bilbrin Lichbloom in Lost Ark?

Bilbrin Lichbloom is a world boss on the continent of Lutheria in Lost Ark. It is a plant-type monster that appeared after collecting moon shards during the chain war. The shards then discharged their chaotic energy, becoming a product of dark magic.

You encounter Bilbrin Lichbloom in the early stages of the game. This is when your character is not strong enough, making this one of the most challenging fights for you. Bilbrin Lichbloom is a level 25 World Boss, and if your character is not strong enough to handle it, you can either join other players, or you may need to level up your character before challenging it.

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Where to find Bilbrin Limebloom in Lost Ark?

World Boss Bilbrin Limebloom is a plant-type carnivorous monster in Lost Ark. It can be found in the Bilbrin Woodland region, which is located in the west of Lutheria. Since the Bilbrin Lichbloom is a plant-type monster, it cannot move from a specific location where it can be found.

He spawns in a small alcove next to the Mlotec adit dungeon. When you look around the ground, you can find some slimy sheets of paper. This is a hint that you are in the right place. 

Now, if you’ve reached the Bilbrin Limebloom Lost Ark boss location and still can’t find it, it’s because the monster has already been defeated. Bilbrin Lichbloom spawns every 30 minutes, so there’s nothing to worry about. You can either wait or come back another time.

If you wait for him to reappear to defeat him, it’s best to check the world chat and ask players how long it’s been since he was beaten and which server he spawns on. If it appears on a different server than you currently use, you can change it at the top of the minimap.

How to defeat Bilbrin Lichbloom in Lost Ark?

Even if you find the World Boss Bilbrin Lichbloom, it is highly recommended not to engage in a solo battle with him. Since this is an early-stage world boss, your character is probably not strong enough on its own. But even if it weren’t, world bosses are dangerous monsters that you should never try to defeat alone. You must create a group or join other players and get help hunting them. 

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Bilbrin Limebloom is a level 25 World Boss and is hard to beat. When you run into him and start fighting, you will realize that the fight occurs in a narrow space. Worst of all, he fires ranged attacks in that small space. If you don’t dodge Bilbrin Limebloom’s attack, you will take a lot of damage and be stunned for a short time. 

Bilbrin Limebloom also has an invincibility phase where attacks cannot damage it. It forms a shield in front of it that cannot be damaged and spawns tentacles to fight you. At this point, you should only focus on destroying the tentacles.

Also, until the tentacles are destroyed, the shield will not go down. If you don’t manage to beat the tentacles fast enough, Bilbryn Lichbloom will be able to heal itself while hiding behind a shield. So if you fiddle with it for too long, it will be even more difficult for you.

Although you want to destroy the tentacles quickly, you should not use all your skills. Otherwise, when the time comes to deal damage to the real body, your skills will be on cooldown. It is highly recommended that you have at least two players to help you defeat the world boss Bilbryn Lichbloom. 

Boss Rewards

Bilbrin Lichbloom in Lost Ark Boss Rewards

Defeating the world boss is essential in the game for your character. Because the rewards that you can get for eliminating the world boss can significantly improve his progress. When you kill one for the first time, you get all the rewards they have to offer.

After that, when you defeat these world bosses, there is no 100% chance you will get all the items. So keep that in mind and don’t expect the same reward every time.

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When you defeat the Bilbrin Lichbloom World Boss in Lost Ark, it will drop rewards in a chest and some items next to it. The following items can drop as rewards:

  • Secret Treasure Map
  • map of Bilbrin Lichbloom
  • Bilbrin Lichbloom Tentacle
  • Essence of Eternity
  • Epic Gear
  • Epic Accessory
  • Magic Keeper Glover
  • Tangled Age Necklace

The treasure map in Lost Ark will take you to a treasure hunt where you can get rewards if you reach the area indicated on the map, which will help your character become even better.

 There is a hidden trick in the Bilbrin Lichbloom Tentacle reward. If you have received a reward, it is recommended not to consume it immediately. Otherwise, it will be a waste.

If you wait for 30 minutes, it will mutate into sashimi of wriggling tentacles, after which you can eat it, adding progress to your adventure tome.

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