best Trailblazer to choose in Honkai Star Rail

Deciding On The Ideal Trailblazer In Honkai: Star Rail

What’s the best Trailblazer to choose in Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail is an exciting and immersive game that takes its players on an unforgettable journey aboard the Astral Express. One of the most crucial choices a player has to make in this game is selecting the perfect Trailblazer. This decision is what shapes the player’s first significant action in the game. With that in mind, this comprehensive guide will delve into this topic, providing thoughtful insights on the best Trailblazer to choose in Honkai: Star Rail.

The Trailblazer: An Overview

The Trailblazer is essentially the protagonist in Honkai: Star Rail. This character is of five-star rarity, a unique attribute given that it is a free unlock at the beginning of the game. After the initial sequence with Kafka and Silver Wolf at the Herta Space Station, players are faced with the choice of selecting one of two Trailblazers: Caelus, the male character, or Stelle, the female character.

In terms of abilities and attributes, both Trailblazers are on par with each other. The only factors that distinguish these two characters are their visual design and voice acting. For English-speaking players, Caelus is voiced by Caleb Yen, while Stelle is brought to life by Rachael Chau.

The decision of which Trailblazer to choose in Honkai: Star Rail should be based on personal preference, since it doesn’t influence gameplay or story outcome. Essentially, the best Trailblazer to choose in Honkai: Star Rail is the one that appeals most to the player.

The Importance of Choosing a Trailblazer

Selecting a Trailblazer is one of the initial actions a player has to make in Honkai: Star Rail. This decision plays a pivotal role in setting the tone for the player’s gaming experience. The choice between Caelus and Stelle offers an opportunity for the player to establish a connection with the character they will be navigating through the game with.

The Trailblazer selection does not affect the gameplay mechanics or the narrative trajectory. However, it does add a personal touch to the gaming experience, giving players the chance to connect with the character on a deeper level. Therefore, the best Trailblazer to choose in Honkai: Star Rail is not about selecting the character with superior abilities, but rather about choosing the one that resonates with the player’s personal aesthetic and auditory preferences.

The Trailblazers: Caelus and Stelle


Caelus – The Male Trailblazer

Caelus is one of the two Trailblazers that players can choose in Honkai: Star Rail. This character is visually distinct and comes with unique voice acting by Caleb Yen. Choosing Caelus does not grant any gameplay advantage or alter the story in any way, but it does provide a visually and audibly different gaming experience.

Stelle – The Female Trailblazer

Stelle, the female alternative, is equally competent as her male counterpart. Voiced by Rachael Chau, Stelle offers players a different aesthetic and auditory experience. Like Caelus, choosing Stelle does not give any gameplay advantage or alter the story progression.

Best Trailblazer to Choose In Honkai Star Rail

When it comes to deciding on the best Trailblazer to choose in Honkai: Star Rail, it is essential to remember that this choice is a matter of personal preference. Both Caelus and Stelle come with their unique visual design and voice acting, offering different experiences for players. But since neither character affects gameplay or narrative, the decision boils down to the player’s personal taste.


In conclusion, the best Trailblazer to choose in Honkai: Star Rail is a subjective choice. Both Caelus and Stelle offer unique experiences, and neither affects’ gameplay nor story progression. Therefore, players should select the character that best aligns with their aesthetics and preferences.

Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the best Trailblazer to choose in Honkai: Star Rail in the comments section. For more insights into the game, refer to our comprehensive Honkai: Star Rail guide. Happy gaming!

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