Best Toppings For The Dark Cacao Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

Best Toppings For The Dark Cacao Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

Read on to learn the best toppings for the dark cacao cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

The king of the Dark Cacao Kingdom, Dark Cacao Cookie is among the 5 Ancient Heroes players can get in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Here are the best toppings for Dark Cacao Cookie.

With Dark Cacao now accessible within the Cookie Run Kingdom, the question is what can you do to get him to be as strong as you can? Here’s the most effective build for this mysterious and cold cookie.

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Best Toppings For The Dark Cacao Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

The most effective toppings for Dark Cacao Cookie are five Solid Almond toppings. There is also Swift Chocolate topping is also a good choice as does mixing Solid Almond and Swift Chocolate toppings. But 5X Solid Almond topping is the most effective topping in Dark Cacao Cookie.

Here are the top ingredients for topping the Dark Cacao Cookie, starting with the top topping:

  • 5x Solid Almond
  • A mix of Solid Almond and Swift Chocolate
  • 5x Swift Chocolate

If you’re not ready to take precautions and prefer doing damage fast and efficiently The next most effective topping to add Dark Cacao can be The Searing Raspberry topping. This will boost your cacao’s damage to attack and enable him to take the devastating attacks that your party requires.

The Solid Almond topping or the Searing Raspberry toppings will suit dark Cacao. You can put them in any order you’d like.

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Dark Cacao Cookie is a Charge Class Cookies that usually sits in the forward position. His specialty is Solemn Judgment, wherein the Grapejam Chocoblade is swung to deal damage to opponents. This attack lowers the enemy’s ATK as well as DEF and HP. If Dark Cacao Cookie utilizes this technique, he becomes temporarily invulnerable to the effects of interrupting.

The solemn Judgment skill is cooldown-timed at 16 seconds. Its Grapejam Chocoblade swing has a 46.9 damage percentage on the first strike and an 0.64 damage percentage increase with each level. After the second hit, the damage rises by 265.8 percent, which is accompanied by a 3.62 damage percentage increase per level.

What does Dark Cacao’s skill do?

Unfortunately, in contrast to a lot of others, the Dark Cacao technique does not really help anyone other than himself. This isn’t to say that it’s not powerful it is, particularly when you consider some of the effects he receives.

The ability is known as Solemn Judgement. It basically causes damage while decreasing the enemy’s attack and defense. It also deals with the effects of status Zap as well as Injury. The damage that is dealt by this skill starts at 46.9 percent for the first hit and then increases to a whopping 265.8 percent after his second hit, which makes it an extremely effective attack for enemies who are on low health.

The ability grants Dark Cacao an additional 20% resistance to any debuffs. It also reduces the amount of defense by 15 for 9 minutes, and his damage by 10.8 percent for nine minutes. Although it’s not the best, with a few hits such as that, you won’t be worried about negative effects.

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