Cookie Run Kingdom Dragon Showdown

Best Team for Dragon Showdown in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The second episode’s continuation, Legend of the Red Dragon, featured a ton of brand-new Cookie Run: Kingdom content in its gameplay elements. The Dragon Showdown stands out as possibly the most challenging one for players among them. Making special team setups and comprehending character choices become crucial to overcome the challenges and level in both Story and Dark game modes because of the inherent strategy and veracity of the level.

Discover which cookies and toppings you must successfully navigate on your first try by reading on.

How to clear Dragon Showdown (Story) in Cookie Run: Kingdom? (September 2023)

To get the desired results, all treasures, toppings, and Cookies must be properly leveled. Other than the suggested alternatives, replacing a specific Cookie is not advised.

1- Milky Way

Milky Way is essential for piercing the shield because Tarte Tatin can deliver powerful blows thanks to her strong DEF reduction and effective DMG dealing. This Cookie Run: Kingdom team must survive the Dragon Showdown thanks to the Cookie’s strong individual survivability, DMG Resist buffs, and HP shield for the entire team.

Pitaya and Wildberry are potential alternatives to Milky Way cookies because they offer similar value at this level. However, they are only viable options if the Sugarcloud Express conductor is inaccessible to the player.

2- Hollyberry Cookie

Hollyberry Cookie plays the primary defensive role in this context. She’s arguably the top Defender in Cookie Run: Kingdom as of today. Given that the team’s main objective is to ensure survival, especially that of Tarte Tatin, a robust front line is crucial. With the Milky Way being essential in this scenario, Hollyberry steps in to address any defensive gaps against adversaries.

3-Tarte Tatin Cookie

Tarte Tatin, the alleged “Bomber” class Cookie who Cookie Run: Kingdom fans have been waiting for since his first appearance in the Legend of the Red Dragon trailer, was later revealed to be a Ranged-type character.

While some fans were disappointed by the change, most liked the character because of his impressive DMG dealing ability, which allows him to be the only dedicated DPS here.

Pitaya Dragon from the first Legend of the Red Dragon update could serve Cookie Run: Kingdom players just as well here if you haven’t gotten your hands on him yet.

4-Herb Cookie

Herb Cookie is a crucial member of the team due to his distinctive Purify buff that regularly removes enemy debuffs from all allies. As a support Cookie, he contributes to the team’s overall endurance, addressing the primary concern previously highlighted: the team’s survival.

Considering that many new players might not have fully upgraded their Herb Cookie, other recent entrants in Cookie Run: Kingdom, such as BTS, Creampuff, or Snapdragon Cookie, can also fit into this team.

5-Pure Vanilla Cookie

Pure Vanilla, as the best Healer in the game, does the same for the Rear, just as Hollyberry’s status as the best Defender in Cookie Run: Kingdom makes him the natural choice for picking up the lion’s share of the job at the Front line.

It’s highly recommended for players to incorporate only Pure Vanilla into this team. No other Cookie can match her performance and sustain the team’s vitality. With her diverse applications, investing in the queen of the Vanilla Kingdom is always a wise decision for players.

This Cookie Run: Kingdom team needs the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, and the Sugar Swan’s Feather upgraded to the highest levels to successfully complete the Dragon Showdown.


Navigating the intricate mazes and formidable challenges of Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Dragon Showdown isn’t a piece of cake. But with the right team and strategy, success is just around the corner! Here’s a quick listicle recap of our recommendations for the ultimate team:

  1. Milky Way Cookie: Your key to piercing shields with top-notch survivability, damage resistance, and a solid HP shield. Alternative Picks: Pitaya and Wildberry, especially if Sugarcloud Express conductor is unreachable.
  2. Hollyberry Cookie: The top-tier defender you need to ensure a strong frontline. She’s your wall against adversaries, making sure Tarte Tatin stands firm.
  3. Tarte Tatin Cookie: Your primary damage dealer, Tarte Tatin might have surprised some with his Ranged-type reveal, but he certainly packs a punch. Alternative: Pitaya Dragon, especially for those who’ve missed out on Tarte Tatin.
  4. Herb Cookie: This support Cookie provides the all-important Purify buff, ensuring your team’s longevity. Possible Replacements: BTS, Creampuff, or Snapdragon Cookie for those still working on their Herb Cookie.
  5. Pure Vanilla Cookie: No team is complete without a healer, and Pure Vanilla reigns supreme. Her unmatched healing prowess ensures your team’s vitality remains high.

And remember, having the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Sugar Swan’s Feather fully upgraded is your ticket to triumphing in the Dragon Showdown. Happy gaming, Cookie Runners!

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