11 Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2

11 Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2 Detailed list

Using a Smoke grenade on Dust 2 is a good strategy if you want to act like a ninja and plant bombs. It not only obstructs enemies’ views but also provides you with ample time to mislead them and ambush them.

Whether you play on side A or side B, I will teach you how to throw a smoke grenade so it completely obstructs your opponent’s view.

Smoke grenades are typically employed defensively, but throwing them with finesse takes practice, so take your time to perform the perfect throw, and you will win rounds in no time.

The video game map “Dust II,” also known by the filename de_dust2, is a part of the Counter-Strike first-person shooter series. Before the official launch of the first Counter-Strike game, David Johnston created Dust II, the successor to “Dust,” another Counter-Strike map. Its symmetrical design and the two points the two teams must compete for control over were designed with the goals of simplicity and balance.

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We must strategize how to effectively deploy smoke bombs to win a match. Planning the smoke bomb execution and moving forward as a team is crucial. We must understand the geographic location of the arena to begin throwing smoke grenades.

Best Smoke Spots Dust 2

Using this guide, you will know where, how, and in what direction to throw your smoke grenade for maximum effect. Ok, so let’s begin.

Long A Corner


When you’re playing as a terrorist, you spawn near the Outside Long position. You may use this to trap Long A corner and possibly even A side visibility. By smoking Long A corner, you can reach the pit area, where you can almost safely peek at Side A Ramp and the Default area. There are several techniques to do this. Here are four of them.

Option 1


Toss some smoke up to the second-highest leaves on the tree above the wall from behind the yellow car in Outside Long. Because it will land right next to Long A’s corner, it will obscure the door’s sign and make it easier to quickly enter and exit the long door.

Option 2


Two wooden boxes of varying heights can be found on the right side of Outside Long. Stay midway between them and toss some smoke over the Long Door Decorative Structure.

Option 3


You can throw smoke from T Spawn to Long A corner as long as you practice. The throw can benefit your team if you master it, as it may help you safely pass through Long Doors. Stand on the second step of the slanted area on the right side of T spawn, look at the left side of the pipe opposite the dark spot of the wall, and throw smoke. It’s a difficult throw that must be practiced, but it may benefit your team if you throw it while jumping. It’ll land on the Long A corner.

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Option 4


Aim for the “Do Not Stack” label on the upper right anterior edge of the box while standing on the right corner. From that height, a jump throw of a smoke bomb will be deflected by the Long doors’ decorative rim edge and return to Long A corner.



Because the Xbox area is the most direct route from Side B to Side A, terrorists who light up there will have an easier time infiltrating A Side. The enemy can snipe players from the lower tunnel without Xbox smoke to obscure their view. A simple way for a terrorist to smoke Xbox is from the Top Mid. There are, however, a variety of Xbox smoking methods.

Option 1


You can light the Xbox on fire by tossing smoke from T Spawn into the console. Enter the T Spawn corner directly opposite the suicide. Take aim above the imaginary horizontal line that would pass through the center of a small doorway and meet the vertical shadow edge line. Jump and throw your smoke grenade; it will fall safely onto Xbox.

Option 2


Aim for the left side of the right window by standing in the Outside Long corner behind the yellow car. You can jump, toss a grenade, and have it land on top of an Xbox.

CT Ramp Cross


The most common method for visually blinding CT spawners and potentially ambushing Counter terrorists is smoking the CT Ramp Cross. You can obstruct the view from Long A by smoking CT, or you can do so from Cat.

Option 1


A decorative window can be seen just to the right of the door at the Long A corner, close to the blue trash can. Crouch in the exact center and aim high above the building’s corner. Once the target is in sight, you can uncrouch and throw smoke into the CT cross-section hole.

Option 2


Get in the corner of the blue barrel that’s directly across from the blue garbage can. If you want to hit something, shoot for the corner lamp on Long A. Throw a smoke grenade from a higher vantage point, away from the streetlight, and with less running. It’s time for the smoke grenade to deflect toward the cross and obscure it from view.

Option 3


Stand in the corner of the shutter where the A platform side of the building is visible to smoke CT. Throw a grenade at the cross-section of CT where you can see the corner.

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Short A


Long A can be difficult to take down if an enemy hides behind the car. You can hide behind the smoke in Short A and snipe your enemies as long as the smoke remains. However, the smoke will dissipate quickly, so you must be in the Cat zone.

Take a position in the center of the Iron gate in the Cat area. Shoot for the tiny window at the top of the stairs. To smoke out the Short A area, aim roughly in the middle of the window and throw the grenade. You can now safely sneak around the back of Short A and eliminate threats.

CT Mid


If you light up the Central Terminal, you’ll be able to easily travel between the Mid Doors and Central Terminal. Aim for the top of the fallen pillar while standing on the edge of the Lower B tunnel entrance. Smoke grenades thrown between the wire and the pyramid-shaped pillar will be deflected to fall on the CT Mid side.

If you light up some CT Mid, the B side’s Door player and window player won’t be able to spot you.

Between CT Mid and CT spawn


In the City Spawn area, Mid is also highly effective in smoking. If you hide from CT Spawn, you can safely go from the Mid Doors in CT Mid to the B side on the other side of the map.

Option 1


Look at the white pillar of the Mid door from the corner of Xbox and Mid. Throw the grenade in the direction of the horizontal pillar. If you throw a grenade at the pillar, it will rebound to the CT spawn point.

Option 2


Cat Walk also has a smoke bomb option. Aim for the wall behind the Iron gate by standing dead center. Shoot for the wall above the gate, off to one side, and release the crosshairs.

B side area

Smoking is permitted in the B side area via the Upper B tunnels. Multiple strategies exist for effectively smoking the B platform. Getting a good smoke to block the opponent’s view of the opening of Upper B tunnels leading to the B side area is crucial for CT players to win.

You can hide the B side in several different ways.

Option 1


You can safely throw a grenade from the Upper B Tunnel if you don’t want to get shot from the B platform area as you exit the tunnel.

In this case, you should be standing in front of the pillar, aiming for the small square formed by the base of the wooden board and the top of the arch pillar. If you release smoke in front of the B platform, it will obscure their view of the tunnel.

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Now that the tunnel mouth is clear, you can break for the B-side window, doors, or cars.

Option 2


This one is fairly typical, and it only takes a few seconds to obscure the end of the tunnel with smoke. All you have to do is wait at the tunnel’s corner near the pillar in Upper B. Throw a smoke grenade toward the tunnel’s exit. You can play from either the close left or close right, and this will blow the opening away.

Mid Door


From the City Mid’s narrow entrance, terrorists can attack CT spawn all the way up to T spawn. To get from the CT spawn to the B side without getting killed, you must smoke through City Mid.

If you run to the wooden box on the City Mid side, you can throw a grenade at it, and the blast will seal off the B side’s windows and doors.


If CT players want to rush towards the lower tunnel but don’t want to get killed by T spawn players, this smoke trick will help you block the visuals from the T spawn players on Mid.

Option 1


Grenades should be thrown between CT spawn and Mid Doors, aiming at the horizontal wood, to create a smokescreen that will cover the Mid so you can safely enter the lower tunnel.

Option 2


Aim for the upper left corner of the building depicted in the image above from the box inside the CT spawn area where it says “fourteen.” If you toss a smoke bomb in that direction, it will bounce to the Mid zone, not far from Xbox.

A Platform Default


When playing on the A-bomb side, you can use smoke to block the side of Long A by standing in the default corner. Blocking the visuals of the opponent peeking from the Pit area will enable you to focus on Short A, and smoking the corner of the A platform will accomplish this.

Short A


Blocking the view of the Terrorists approaching from the stairs on the A short area is a good tactic for the CTs. Use the box corner near the A ramp to throw smoke on the top right corner of the Short A tower so that it will block their view.

Given are the safest ways to smoke Dust 2’s Smoking spots and throw Smoke grenades without dying. There are many creative ways to smoke spots on Dust 2, but the ones listed here have been tried and tested during games. Practice throwing smokes beforehand to enhance your performance. Have fun!

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