Best Healer Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Best Healer Cookies: Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

In a war, the Kingdom’s healers are essential. They protect the party and help other Cookies defeat the enemy rapidly. Here is Cookie Run: Kingdom’s top healer Cookies.

Six healers are available in Cookie Run: Kingdom. You won’t always obtain all of them at once because it’s a gacha game. Knowing the strength of your Cookies and which ones are worth equipping is therefore useful.

All the healing Cookies are listed below, and we’ve determined which ones are best used and which should be avoided. The top healers in Cookie Run: Kingdom are listed here.

You need to look no further than some of these adorable Cookies to discover the finest Healer for your party.

TierHealer Cookie
SPure Vanilla Cookie, Sparkling Cookie
ACream Unicorn Cookie, Herb Cookie
BCustard Cookie III
DAngel Cookie

S-Tier Healer Cookies

S-Tier Healer Cookies
These are the strongest healer cookies in the Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Sparkling Cookie

This traditional Cookie possesses the strength and character people to want in a healer. He’s upbeat, intense, and all fun to be around. So, it’s difficult to argue against having Sparkling Cookie in your party when you consider that he is just an epic, has a 13-second cooldown, and has a significant amount of healing to attack.

His ability will heal the two teammates with the lowest health and raise the critical strike probability for the entire group, ensuring they stay alive and do significant damage.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

It stands to reason that the strongest Ancient Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom would be the one that serves as a Healer. Even though he’s hard to get a hold of, he’s currently the finest Healer in the game.

He can heal many party members at once and take hits in his place. That, plus the fact that he can dish out some severe damage, makes him an ideal healer for any team. While its cooldown is higher than average, Pure Vanilla Cookie is still an S-Tier healer.

A-Tier Healer Cookies

A-Tier Healer Cookies
They are not the most powerful Cookies in the game, but they can certainly compete.

Herb Cookie

If your group has a healer like Herb Cookie, you may rest assured that they will survive and advance in battle unless you are against an extremely powerful foe. You can expect your party’s strength and vitality to soar if you pair him with Clover Cookie.

You get several effective strikes and a charming attitude in addition to his skill’s debuff removal and HP restoration.

Cream Unicorn Cookie

Because of her prominence as a recent addition to Cookie Run: Kingdom, Cream Unicorn Cookie is widely regarded as one of the game’s strongest healer Cookies. Yet they fall short when against other Epic Cookies and the Ancients.

To be clear, that doesn’t mean they’re useless. Cream Unicorn Cookie is a great skill with a short cooldown, reduced crit damage, and the ability to pause the enemy’s skills. Both upgrades have the potential to alter the outcome of a conflict drastically. Although its mending isn’t quite as effective as it could be, if you can get your hands on a Cream Unicorn Cookie, it will be well worth it.

B-Tier Healer Cookies

B-Tier Healer Cookies
The first Cookie you find can hold its own, but it should not be used as an end-game healer.

Custard Cookie III

It’s easy to write off your first healer Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom as being below average compared to the rest of the Cookies. True, but Custard Cookie III can still make it through a good chunk of the early to midgame.

Custard Cookie III has a high attack-to-healing ratio and the ability to cast absorbing shields to protect the group from damage. He is a low-level healer, but if you can’t afford better Cookies, you shouldn’t rush to replace him just yet.

D-Tier Healer Cookies

D-Tier Healer Cookies
Despite her adorable appearance, this D-tier healer is simply not worth considering.

Angel Cookie

It’s hard to deny how cute Angel is, but out of the six available healers, they’re not even close to being the best.

While Angel Cookie’s ability to heal all party members on a cooldown of just 15 seconds is astounding, most players ignore her in favor of the more powerful Custard Cookie III because she is unlocked after the third Cookie in the series.

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