Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

CS:GO – The Ultimate Guide to the Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

Uncover the top grenade spots in Dust 2 and dominate the competition with our expert guide. Learn the best strategies and tactics to take control of the map and defeat your enemies.

The video game map “Dust II,” also known by the filename de_dust2, is a part of the Counter-Strike first-person shooter series. Before the official launch of the first Counter-Strike game, David Johnston created Dust II, the successor to “Dust,” another Counter-Strike map. Its symmetrical design and the two points the two teams must compete for control over were designed with the goals of simplicity and balance.

One of the most helpful tools in CS:GO is the grenade. The game offers a variety of utility types, and each one operates uniquely. You can use them to your advantage at different points in the game. The best grenade spots in Dust 2 will be discussed today.

One well-liked CS:GO map is Dust 2. It has doors in the middle that are frequently used as viewing platforms. The fact that some players explore the map aimlessly leads to serious mistakes. They frequently lose when they don’t use their utility during the game.

For instance, a smoke grenade can obstruct snipers aiming their rifles at you from a map corner (see our Smoke Spots Dust 2 Guide). Similarly, by using a flash grenade before entering a door, you can blind your adversaries.

What Are Grenades In CSGO?

Grenades are one of the best-classified weapons that can be used in various CSGO locations, particularly on the Dust 2 map. They can be purchased in the Buy Menu and other items like weapons and gear. When playing on large maps like Dust 2, where only four grenades are available to each player, it’s critical to make the best use of them.

You can immediately switch to your primary weapon after throwing a grenade. You will use your knife if neither your primary nor secondary weapon is available.

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Types Of Grenades

It’s important to know where on the Dust 2 map to use the various grenade types and their respective functions, as each grenade is optimal in different situations. Here’s a rundown of every grenade type in CS:GO.

  • Snowball 
  •  Diversion Device 
  •  Fire Bomb 
  •  Tactical Awareness Grenade 
  •  Molotov 
  •  Incendiary Grenade 
  •  Decoy Grenade 
  •  Smoke Grenade 
  •  Flash Bang 
  •  High Explosive Grenade 
  •  Frag  Grenade 

Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

We’ll list the top Dust 2 grenade spots so you can throw your grenades effectively.

From T Spawn


We start with A long. The terrorist team may find it easier to take control of the A site from this location. However, you can only do that if you figure out how to use T-Spawn to throw a flash over the A Long entrance.

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The walls of A Long entrance are slightly higher, which is annoying because it can be very challenging to throw a flash over it.

However, you can fire a running or standing flash through the lower portion visible in the below-displayed image. You can also make a jump throw while standing up on the car directly in front of you if that doesn’t work for you.

From The Skylight


Dust 2’s second grenade location is located as you exit the door. It used to be possible for players to run while throwing a flash through the skylight, but that is no longer possible. However, if you make a running jump throw at the middle one, it will land straight down and strike everyone in the vicinity.

Your enemies may not be able to see you clearly as you exit the building if you do this.

The Cross

The Cross

You can use the third grenade spot when you have taken control of Long A and want to smoke out the cross. Some players make the error of believing that a single smoke grenade will produce the ideal smokescreen. The cross is a little bit too wide for this, though.

However, as shown in the illustration below, you can aim the grenade by standing close to the barrel. Make a running throw after that, and the grenade will fly past the corner house’s roof before bouncing back over to deflect the cross. Your teammate can then make another smoke throw to close the gap.

New Car

New Car

In Dust 2, holding the new car has slowly gained popularity among players. They are even giving it more importance than Long A. To reduce the risk, you must clean it out.

You must stand on the barrel to throw a Molotov from the position shown in the illustration below. Any player hiding behind the car will be destroyed by the fire spreading around it.

Mid to A Short

A Short

One of the most important parts of Dust 2 is transitioning from Mid to A Short. Here, one wrong move can result in instant death. The Xbox smoke can be useful in this situation. You must first step back from the wall to point the grenade precisely where it is shown in the illustration below.

Do a running throw after that to accurately create a smokescreen for A Short. When that happens, you can move closer to the door without being concerned about being shot by a sniper.

Rush B

Narrow Checkpoint

You can stand in the middle of the pillar at the tight chokepoint for rush B and then launch a smoke grenade while aiming it upwards.

This will enable you to rush B without being concerned about being shot down by a distant sniper. You can launch a flash grenade right away from the same spot to blind everyone outside the chokepoint.

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Lower Tunnels

Lower Tunnels

You can throw a flash over the top wall of the lower tunnels to blind anyone who is on the other side. Aiming the flash grenade at the tower’s top will cause it to strike the left side mid.

Any enemy players hiding or moving through the area will immediately have their vision obstructed, allowing you to move quickly toward them.

Molly and HE Grenade at B Main

B Main

This position is for you if you are a member of the CT side and are sick of the enemy team continuously rushing from B main. You can throw a molly at the location shown in the image below by standing at the door, aiming directly at B main.

By doing this, the opposing team won’t be able to rush through B main. After the fire goes out, you can throw a HE grenade at the same location to further disadvantage them. In this way, if an enemy player rushes after seeing that the fire has subsided, thinking all is clear, they will pay for their error.

B Site

B Site

Use a flash and bounce it off the walls that are present on both sides of the site if you’re trying to enter the B site. Even throwing it over the wall is possible. Right-side standing throws to prevent the flash from striking your teammates.

A Site


For those who use the AWP, the goose is their preferred camping location. As a result, it’s critical to ensure that this area is free of enemies. Goose is located in the upper-right corner of A site.

This grenade spot is much easier than most others, requiring you to throw the grenade from a building’s roof or through a door.

All you have to do is throw the molly at the goose while aiming in its direction. In this manner, if there are any AWPers there, they will be found and killed. However, even if no one is present, the location will be on fire, making it impossible for others to camp there.

B Main Flash

Flash at B Main

Throwing a flash at the B main can also stop B main rushes. To use the flash, you must stand in the location shown in the image below and aim it directly at B main.

By doing this, anyone attempting to rush B main will be instantly blinded. Since they won’t be able to reach any cover, you can then remove them.

Back Platform

The back platform is the next location on our list of the best grenade spots in Dust 2. The back platform is another place enemy AWPers camp out and target your teammates, similar to Goose. You can lob a molly in the direction of the location in the image below. You can shoot down the enemy AWPer as they emerge from the area.

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Or, if they wind up getting caught in the molly’s fire, they’ll perish from burns. However, remember that while throwing the molly, you’ll be visible to others. If you don’t move quickly, you’ll probably be the AWPer’s target.

We’ll advise you to throw a smoke as a B main to avoid this because it will allow you to throw the molly without being concerned about being killed.

A Site Entry

A Site Entry

This one is for the T-side, so please read it. As seen in the image below, you must launch a flash grenade directly above the structure.

You’ll be able to deliver your grenade right to the enemy players hiding at the default plant site in this manner. This will force them to either flee the plant site or go into a panic.

In either case, you’ll have the opportunity to dash to where they are without worrying about getting killed.

CT Spawn

CT Spawn

Another fantastic location on our list of the best grenade spots in Dust 2, this one can really screw things up for the other team. To make this work, however, you must first establish control over B site.

If you do this, you’ll be able to throw a molly at the location marked on the image below, effectively blocking the enemy team from accessing CT Spawn.

They can either wait for the fire to pass or risk going into it and getting hurt. You can easily push to their chosen location, despite their decision.

Short Stairs

Short Stairs

As a final stop, we recommend checking out the A short stairs. The T-side can use this to halt the CT attackers from making further progress in this area. To achieve the desired result, aim a molly at the location indicated in the image.

But you should also be ready for a fight, as the enemy players may try to charge through the fire. If you don’t, the odds will stack up against you.

You’ve reached one of the best Dust 2 grenade spots for CS:GO. The two of us wish you luck and hope this aids you. In the game, you’ll find a variety of grenade types, each with its own specific use. A molly can be used to stop players from entering a certain area, while a flash can be used to temporarily blind them.

Make sure you pick the appropriate grenade for the job, regardless of where you’re throwing it. Be mindful, too, that some of these throws are not simple.

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