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21 Addictive Games Like Heardle That Will Blow Your Mind – Find Your Next Favorite Now!

Wordle revolutionized the traditional guessing game rules, making them more suited to modern demands. This enabled the production of a broad range of spin-offs and alternatives to address the ever-growing need for distinct challenges.

A small group of friends created the free online word game called Heardle. March 2022 saw the release of the game. It is based on Josh Wardle’s Wordle.

The gameplay is similar to Wordle, except the player must identify the artist from a musical intro after listening. Each Heardle is chosen randomly from a large pool of frequently streamed artists. More of the introduction is revealed with missed or unsuccessful attempts. The player must make their guesses in the fewest number of shots possible.

We hope playing similar games will heighten your amusement if you enjoy music-guessing games such as Heardle.

We have compiled a compilation of the 21 top games like Heardle.

Top 21 games like Heardle

Here are the 21 most similar games to Heardle:

Similar Games Heardle

GameDeveloperGenrePlatformsReleased on
WordleJosh WardleWord gameWebOctober 2021
Song TriviaBkeliSong guess gameWeb, Android12 December 2022
FibbleCrytekPuzzle gameiOS 29 March 2012
SonglioEncore Technologies LimitedSong guess gameWeb
DordleGuilherme S. TöwsPuzzleWebJanuary 2022
BinbNewgroundsAction, puzzleWeb
NerdleNerdlegamePuzzleAndroidFebruary 2022
SongPop ClassicFreshPlanet guessing gameAndroid, iOSMay 2012
OctordleKenneth CrawfordPuzzleWebFebruary 2022
GlobleTrainwreck LabsGeography gameWeb
Crosswordle daily puzzleMedrodome SoftwareWord gameWebApril 2022
XordleCrytekWord gameWeb
Hello Wordl
Similar Games Heardle

1. Wordle

To find the five-letter word, you must make six attempts. If you put the correct letter, it will be highlighted in yellow; placing it in the right spot will turn green. This information can help you locate the word.

Most of these games abide by the same rules, using Mastermind-style tips to determine the answer. The finest of these games remain faithful to the formula while incorporating an exciting variation.

2. Song Trivia

Do not simply pass off Song Trivia as a run-of-the-mill trivia game. This game is centered around guessing a song from an audio clip. It is comparable to Heardle but with a greater variety of genre-specific mini-games. Therefore, Song Trivia can be seen as a more advanced version of Heardle.

3. Fibble

Fibble allows you to start with one word and then make eight additional attempts. Every single response will include a false letter. The outcome of the game is the correct answer.

Consequently, the words “TRIBE” printed on a yellow T, green I, and grey background could be inaccurate if the B is present in the answer.

4. Songlio

Participating in the web-based Songlio game on your PC or desktop is possible. It is currently in the beta version, so the multiplayer mode doesn’t have many players since it is still being worked on.

5. Dordle


Dordle is taking the clear-cut route by pairing two issues together. You are then granted extra attempts to solve each letter related to both issues, in this case, seven.

Quordle raises the bar by introducing four puzzles running in tandem, permitting a maximum of eight attempts. Octordle further ups the ante, allowing up to eight words and 13 shots.

6. Binb


Binb is like a 24-hour radio station with a neat twist: all the music is from unknown songs that must be identified. The most enthralling aspect of this game is that you will simultaneously race against every other random competitor.

7. Nerdle


Despite how unlikely it may seem, completing a task on Nerdle is highly rewarding. Matching the day’s arithmetic challenge using numbers and mathematical symbols instead of letters would be best.

8. SongPop Classic


SongPop Classic, an app, allows you to participate in real-time category-based quizzes against other gamers. Once you select a genre, the system plays a selection of tunes from that category, and you have a limited amount of time to choose the correct answer from the choices displayed on the screen. Snippets of songs are what you will be listening to.

9. Octordle


Octordle, a free word game, is akin to other similar games with a complex curve, similar to Wordle. The game uses three color codes – green, yellow, and grey – to differentiate between active and inactive letters. The challenge for each of the seven puzzles is generating two sets of five letters and adding one more word.

10. Globle


Rather than concentrating on particular segments of the estimate, Globle has opted to use a hot/cold system. Predictions are indicated in different depths of red according to how near they are in terms of geographic proximity to the destination for that particular day.

You could make multiple tries, so the possibility is there to make 194 incorrect choices before the correct country is highlighted in green, which I now wish to do.

11. Crosswordle daily puzzle


Medrodome Software has created the free Classic Puzzle and Word game Crosswordle Daily Puzzle. As the player, your mission is to correctly identify the seven words in the game.

If you type in a word that turns out to be correct, the corresponding letters will be highlighted. Take advantage of the clue feature if you are stuck on a word in a crossword puzzle

12. Xordle


Xordle, credited to the same coder, “keldor,” as Fibble, is regarded as a related title. Keldor conceived of this, and it is an exceedingly skillful variant that appears as if it should be challenging, yet it is undoubtedly achievable. This particular game requires you to figure out two separate words within the same puzzle.

13. Lingo

The folks at Sheepdog Lab designed a free, Internet-based word-guessing game entitled Online Lingo. Players must match up letters to guess five-letter words and have limited attempts.

The player gets four attempts for words with four letters; conversely, they get five shots for talks with five characters. After each try, each letter is marked yellow, grey, or green.

14. Primel


The ill-advised spelling of the game’s name, “Primle,” would almost make it ineligible to be included. It requires players to guess a five-digit prime number accurately, so its inclusion would be questionable. Furthermore, I’m not a robot.

15. Hello Wordl


In Hello Wordl, a free online game, the player tries to guess a word by matching five-letter words. Players are given limited attempts to deduce the correct answer by assuming the letters.

The game offers four attempts for players to guess four-letter words and five opportunities to guess five-letter words. It also provides a dark option for those uninterested in playing in the light mode.

16. Squirdle


Squirdle is a free, online word-matching and guessing game that aims to identify five-letter words. The player must guess the word correctly to succeed.

The game provides you with several opportunities to make a guess. If the word is four letters, you have four attempts; for five-letter words, you have five chances.

17. Absurdle


Absurdle is an online free game with players guessing and matching words of five letters. After each guess, the letters are color-coded: grey for incorrect, green for correct, and yellow for when it is in the answer but not in the proper position.

18. Lewdle


Lewdle is a free online game that requires players to find matches for five-letter words. The objective is to guess the correct word within the limited attempts given. For four-letter words, four chances are offered, while five options are available when assuming five-letter words.

19. Wordguessr


Wordguessr is a complimentary web-based word-matching and guessing game. The player of this game must attempt to guess the words and enter them by pressing the “ENTER” key.

At the beginning of the game, the user must provide a six-letter word as a guess. If the guess is correct, the letter will be displayed in green; if incorrect, it will be shown in orange.

20. Sweardle


In Sweardle, a free online game, players must guess a five-letter word by matching words.

Following every guess, a color is assigned to the letter: green, yellow, or grey. Grey corresponds to the wrong answer, green to the correct one and yellow to a letter that is part of the answer but not in the right spot.

21. Wheedle


Wheedle is the name of a free online game that requires players to try and uncover words consisting of five letters by guessing the correct letters. The game provides few chances for the player to make their guess.

Wrapping Up

This concludes our article on the best 21 alternatives to Heardle.

Heardle may be an exceptional game that’s difficult to replicate, but that doesn’t mean other great games can give you the same level of enjoyment and excitement. Whether you’re looking for a similar gameplay mechanic, storyline, or overall feel, this list of 21 best games like Heardle should give you plenty of options.

Remember to keep an open mind and be willing to try something new. Who knows, you might find your new favorite game among these suggestions. So what are you waiting for? Dive into one of these games, and let the adventure begin!

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