15 Best Games Like Evony

Conquer Like a Champion: 15 Empowering Games Similar to Evony

We have compiled a list of 15 thrilling online multiplayer games similar to Evony, the popular MMORTS game previously known as Civony.

The multiplayer online game Evony, formerly known as Civony, was created by the American company Evony LLC and is based on Adobe Flash. Its graphics are inspired by other real-time strategy games, and it takes place during the European Middle Ages. A mobile version (The King’s Return) and two browser-based versions (Age 1 and Age 2) are available.

Our suggested alternatives possess similar features, and we are confident that you will also enjoy playing these games if you are a fan of Evony.

15 Best Games Like Evony in 2023

1 . Travian


Suppose you’re looking for a browser game where you can establish your empire, raise an impressive army, and work with friends to defeat your foes, look no further than Travian. You can also communicate with other players inside the game’s virtual environment. Lately, the developer has thrown in a reworked hero system, an interactive map, and updated visuals. Jump headfirst into a massively multiplayer online game that blends military-themed real-time strategy gameplay with a healthy dose of fun. There are hundreds of different challenges and tasks, each with its own unique set of rewards.

2. KingsAge


Are you on the lookout for a hero to save the day? What you’re looking for may exist in KingsAge. This game is one of many that are like Evony and will take you back in time to a world where knights ride mighty horses and kings reign supreme. Don the mantle of leadership and keep a close eye on your kingdom through good and bad times. You have only a modest castle, a band of devoted citizens, and a few acres of farmland at the outset of your adventure. It is your responsibility to expand that humble hamlet into a bustling metropolis. Yet there are others like you strewn across the grassland. Kingdoms belonging to players from all over the world exist, too. Make intelligent decisions about who you choose to do business with and who you decide to challenge.

3. Empire Rising


By playing Empire Rising, you’ll experience what the world was like in 1435 A.D., when it was in chaos. Unrest and tension are spreading rapidly throughout the world’s nations. People are desperately looking for someone to come and make everything right again. The Middle Ages have finally come to a close, and the Renaissance has begun.

All eyes are on you as you’re tasked with establishing a mighty empire, raising an army, and making your way to the top. These four countries—England, France, Prussia, and the Ottoman Empire—each have their distinct fighting forces, such as longbowmen, musketeers, Hussars, and War Elephants. In this way, you can emerge victorious from the Feudal and Castle Ages and into the Empire Age by conquering Europe, colonizing the neighbors, building your council, and striding through time.

4. Grepolis


Were famous Greek heroes like Achilles and Ulysses the source of your creativity? And now, in Grepolis, you can don your toga and experience the glory of ancient Greece again. The free browser-based online real-time strategy game allows you to construct a modest Polis and expand it into a sprawling metropolis.

Your ability to lead an army and navy to conquer distant islands is also a strong suit. Remember that the Gods are instrumental in your quest for in-game immortality. Take special care always to appease Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, and the other deities who call the Greek Parthenon home.

5. Kingory


Here’s a tactical browser game that fits perfectly with the other Evony substitutes. However, while the events in Evony took place in medieval Europe, this particular contender is based in ancient China. In the town and rural areas, each city has four different resource fields and nine different types of buildings. Using the real-time simulation system, you can command ten types of soldiers, five types of fortifications, and 15 other technologies. You can participate in both PVE and PVP matches when you choose from 920 high heroes and enter the Team-NPC Arena.

6. Tribal Wars


We leave China and travel through tribal wars back to the Middle Ages. Like Evony, this browser-based online game allows you to command a small community that gradually prospers under your direction.

However, you are not the only one trying to grow your village, so strategically gather troops, track down tribes, and overthrow nearby settlements.

7. OGame


Next up is a game so far out that it might as well be played in another galaxy. OGame is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) with space-war themes that can be played in a web browser. Remember that you won’t be the only alien in space; participants worldwide will join you. Enjoy a space adventure in the comfort of your browser. Create a mighty empire on a backwater planet that isn’t afraid to conquer neighboring colonies. Fight other developed worlds, develop your military and economy, and construct an armada.

8. Three Kingdoms Online


Continually craving the Orient? We have another game that lets you explore the wonders of ancient China in our lineup of games similar to Evony. You will compete against tens of thousands of players worldwide in The Three Kingdoms Online entry.

You can engage in valiant deeds and faction missions. However, choosing between the three nations’ Wei, Shu, or Wu, would be best. Legendary figures like Lu Bu, Cao Cao, and Guan Yu can also be encountered.

9. Tagoria


Want to play a fantasy game? Then, we advise you to check out a game called Tagoria. Prepare yourself because you’re going to encounter scary monsters and brave warriors. Take advantage of the more than 250 items scattered throughout the game, engage in epic battles, loot various treasures, make friends, and more. This game has a divine favor feature, magic runestones, item trading, and epic horde battles.

10. Age of Empires III

Age of Empires III

This classic real-time strategy game is a must-play for anyone who enjoys Evony’s city-building and resource-gathering aspects. Players will build their empires, explore new territories, and engage in epic battles against other players.

11. Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III

This game is about building your dynasty and ensuring its success over multiple generations. Players will need to engage in diplomacy with other players, manage their resources carefully, and make strategic decisions that will affect the fate of their kingdom.

12. Anno 1800

Anno 1800

This city-building game offers a unique historic setting, allowing players to build their empires during the Industrial Revolution. Players will need to manage their resources carefully and engage in diplomacy with other players to ensure the success of their kingdom.

13. Stormfall: Age of War

Stormfall Age of War

The free-to-play strategy genre and story-driven games don’t typically go together. Stormfall: Age of War changes all that by introducing a compelling narrative supported by voice acting to improve your overall experience. The game, formerly a browser game but has since been replaced with a Windows version accessible through Plarium Play, is still played today. On Android and iOS mobile devices, a game with Stormfall: Rise of Balur but a different title with a similar setting and gameplay mechanics are accessible.

14. Tentlan


Tentlan stands out from other free-to-play MMO strategy games that populate the browser market thanks to its distinctive Mayan skin. While the core gameplay’s fundamentals are similar to those of other games in the genre, offering a build, fight, and expand mentality, it feels new as you lead your own Mayan civilization through economic and military trials.

15. İkariam


Players can play the strategy MMO Ikariam in their browser or on a mobile device as they conquer the land and seas of their Greek adversaries who share a similar theme (A.I. and other players). Ikariam chooses to take players even further back with a solid Greek setting that ensures a respectable level of historical accuracy for building and troop designs. Other games in this genre frequently transport players into the future or back to the medieval ages. Ikariam was first released in 2008 and had a rather primary 2D interface. Still, it has added more content, giving you much control and variety as you try to expand and defend your Greek province territory.

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