best controller settings for Fortnite on Playstation and Xbox

Master Fortnite Like a Pro: Top Controller Settings for Playstation and Xbox Chapter 4 Season 2

It’s time to discuss the best controller settings for Fortnite on Playstation and Xbox with the release of Chapter 4, Season 1. Getting used to the game’s numerous new mechanics would be best.

On December 4th, 2022, Epic Games released Chapter 4, Season 1, which millions of players have played ever since. There are many new mechanics for you to learn, a fantastic Battle Pass, and a completely new map for Fortnite.

The update was released simultaneously for all platforms, but they have a few minor differences. By examining the Fortnite update sizes, you can see this. Simple settings adjustments will be sufficient for gamers who want to play Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 on Xbox or PlayStation. These options will enhance the fluidity of your game movements and assist you in taking the lead.

Let’s discuss the optimal controller settings for Season 1, Episode 4 of Fortnite.

Top-notch Controller Settings for Fortnite on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S

Optimal controller settings for Fortnite on Xbox and PlayStation

It’s not surprising that Fortnite attracts millions of daily players. This is due to the game’s accessibility across such a wide variety of devices as PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile phones.

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Fortnite’s cross-platform compatibility and the ability to link all your accounts to a single Epic Games account are excellent features. We haven’t forgotten about you if you’re an Xbox Series X/S or Playstation 5 player. These settings should be made by everyone who plays the game, even if they use controllers on a PC.

You will need to adjust to the updates, such as making the sprint permanent or special abilities, in addition to the changes made to the map with the Chapter 4 Season 1 update.

Since the start of the new season, we have tested and verified the following superb controller settings for Fortnite on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

Controller Options – Input:

  • Controller Auto-Run: On
  • Build Immediately (Builder Pro): On
  • Edit Hold Time: 0.100 Seconds
  • Slide Hold Time: 0.100 Seconds
  • Reset Camera Axes: Pitch
  • Reset Camera Time: 0.100 Seconds
  • Vibration: Off

Controller Options – Sensitivity:

  • Look Sensitivity: 7 (Fast)
  • Aim Sensitivity (Ads): 7 (Fast)
  • Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplayer: 2.0x
  • Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplayer: 2.1x
  • Use Advanced Options: On

Controller Options – Advanced – Look Sensitivity

  • Look Horizontal Speed: %40
  • Look Vertical Speed: %40
  • Turning Horizontal Boost: %0
  • Turning Vertical Boost: %0
  • Turning Boost Ramp Time: 0.00 Seconds
  • Instant Boost When Building: Off

Controller Options – Advanced – Aim Down Sights (ADS) Sensitivity

  1. ADS Look Horizontal Speed: %8
  2. ADS Look Vertical Speed: %8
  3. ADS Turning Horizontal Boost: %0
  4. ADS Turning Vertical Boost: %0
  5. ADS Turning Boost Ramp Time: 0.00 Seconds

Controller Options – Advanced – Sensitivity

  • Look Dampening Time: 0.00 Seconds
  • Look Input Curve: Exponential
  • Aim Assist Strength: %100
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Controller Options – Controller Deadzone

  • Left Stick Deadzone: %5
  • Right Stick Deadzone: %5

Controller Options – Foot Controller

  • Enable Foot Controller: On
  • Foot Controller Deadzone: %1
  • Foot Controller Max Throttle: %1

The best option for little lag and complete character control is any of these settings. These conditions are necessary because Chapter 4 will feature the highest level of competition yet.

How To Modify Fortnite Controller Settings

Epic Games uses the same interface and menu layout on almost all platforms as Fortnite. This enables players to quickly adapt to the new system, even if they switch platforms.

Learn how to change the Fortnite controller settings here:

  1. While playing or from the main menu, access Settings.
  2. Then quickly browse each tab.
  3. Open the controller icon marked fifth or sixth row.
  4. All controller settings are accessible from this page.

After changing the settings, don’t forget to save before closing the program. The controller settings will take effect immediately without you having to restart Fortnite.

This concludes our discussion of the optimal controller settings for Fortnite on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can use the settings we shared on both platforms despite their slight differences. As usual, don’t forget to test the settings and make the necessary modifications.

What is the best controller sensitivity for Fortnite?

This largely depends on how skilled a player you are and what you think is best. Examine our settings, then experiment with them to see what works best for you.


  • Build Mode Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.7x
  • Edit Mode Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.6x
  • Use Advanced Options: On
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Advanced – Aim Down Sights (ADS) Sensitivity

  • ADS Look Horizontal Speed: 18%
  • ADS Look Vertical Speed: 18%
  • ADS Turning Horizontal Boost: 0%
  • ADS Turning Vertical Boost: 0%
  • ADS Turning Boost Ramp Time: 0.00 Seconds

Advanced – Sensitivity

  • Look Dampening Time: 0.3 seconds
  • Look Input Curve: Exponential
  • Aim Assist Strength: 100%

Advanced – Look at Sensitivity

  • Look Horizontal Speed: 40%
  • Look Vertical Speed: 50%
  • Turning Horizontal Boost: 0%
  • Turning Vertical Boost: 0%
  • Turning Boost Ramp Time: 0%
  • Instant Boost When Building: On

How can you use a controller to edit fast?

Unsurprisingly, keyboard editing is much more efficient and faster since specific macros exist for shortcut building.

You can build much more efficiently with the help of modified controllers like SCUF controllers, though probably not to the level of a keyboard.

Best Controller Settings for Fortnite FAQ

Do competitive Fortnite players use controllers?

Yes! Given the game’s popularity on multiple platforms in addition to PC, controller use is common among the Fortnite competitive community.

What is Mongraals aim sensitivity?

The fact that Mongraal has a DPI of 800 and a Hz of 1000 has been noted, though there may never be accurate information on this!

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