best flea market tips for beginners

Unlock the Secrets to Scoring Big at Flea Market Escape From Tarkov: 9 Top Tips for Beginners

Read on and learn our complete guide about the best beginner flea market tips for Escape From Tarkov.

If you’re new to Escape From Tarkov, you may be overwhelmed by the flea markets. With hundreds of items to choose from and an ever-changing marketplace, it can be hard to know where to start. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Here are the 9 top beginner flea market tips to get you started. From understanding the flea market prices to knowing which items are most valuable, these tips will help you get the best deals and maximize your profits. Whether a newbie or a seasoned veteran, these tips will ensure you make the most of your time in the flea market. So, let’s get started and find the best flea market tips for beginners!

9 Perfect flea market Tips for Beginners

Those just starting with the game cannot participate in the Flea Market until they reach level 15. This unlocks a brand new opportunity, as often you can get more money for your goods through this method than you would from a Dealer. For example, I have sold food for 6,000 to 8,000 rubles compared to only getting 100 rubles from a Dealer. If you take a little bit of time, you can make a much higher profit through the Flea Market.

Here are some quick tips for newcomers to the Flea Market:

Tip 1: Sort by Item

You can click on the items in your stock and utilize the “Filter by Item” option to locate your item postings without difficulty. This is a fast way to discover what you want to offer without having to go through the bother of looking for it. It is particularly beneficial if you utilize the market only occasionally.

Tip 2: Use the Refresh Button

If you’re a novice or advanced user, this advice is essential. At the upper right corner of the Flea Market, you’ll find two arrows going around each other: the refresh button. If you click it, it’ll clear all the sold items and add any new ones since the last refresh. If you’re having trouble buying an article and getting an error message such as “Offer Not Found,” clicking the refresh button may be the answer.

Tip 3: Don’t rely on the average price

The minimum, maximum, and average selling prices for an item are displayed when you list it for sale. A general idea of the average price can be gleaned from this method, but the frequent updates make it inaccurate. Consider what prices move quickly and where prices average out if you want to sell something on the market without using a dealer. You need to market there.

If you look into a product, you can find out where to sell it. However, past the first page is usually not recommended.

Tip 4: Maximum of Three Offers/Listings

In the beginning, every individual involved in the Flea Market is approved for two offers or postings to make. Like the Dealers, players have credibility, giving them more postings. To raise it, they can get .1 credibility for each ₽100,000 worth of items sold.

Listed below, courtesy of Fandom is the popularity to listing count ratio. If a player lets their listing expire or deletes it themselves, they will lose their reputation.

Reputation.2.2 to 3030 to 7070 to 150150 to 5001000

Tip 5: The Fence Adds Cheap Items to the Market

According to my guide for newbies, purchasing from the Fence is not a good idea. Nevertheless, the Fence often posts items up on the Flea Market at a much lower price than others. I’ve acquired things that usually cost around 20,000 rubles for only 4,000 rubles from the Fence.

When browsing listings, it is rare to find something offered at such a steep discount, but the Fence is an exception.

Tip 6: Buy Quickly With Clicking and a Hotkey

People often criticize the market as being ruined by automated programs and bots. Although this might be valid, the most efficient way to purchase something without them is to press the “Locked” button and rapidly press the “Y” key. If you act swiftly, you can still outmaneuver other players when they make a mistake.

When many low-priced listings appear at once, human snipers can use this to their advantage and win sales that would otherwise go to automated bidding programs. Having multiples of an item for sale by the same player can increase your chances of making a successful purchase.

Tip 7: Fees Will Screw You Over

I’m not a big fan of how Escape from Tarkov’s Flea Market operates regarding fee charges. Prices aren’t fixed – various elements are considered to determine if the fee should be high or low. The developers attempt to stop scammers by setting up a dynamic fee system. It might benefit shoppers in the long run, but it’s not great news for people like me who engage in market activities.

It is essential to check the price of a product you plan to purchase in bulk before making the purchase. The cost of the item may be greater than the price you are selling it for. Additionally, things with a lower lifespan tend to have higher fees.

But if you upgrade Hideout’s Intelligence Center to Level 3, you can save money on market fees. This change reduces the fee by 30%, and revenue increases.

Tip 8: Pricing at 1999 Instead of 2000

Corporations often employ this tactic in the marketplace. Setting the cost of a product just under the cost of the competition ends up being the top-ranked item when customers sort by price. Even if the difference between the two is minimal, such as one ruble or just one penny, it is still the first item customers will see and the one they are likely to purchase.

Specifically, this recommendation pairs well with Tip 4 of our more advanced tips guide.

Tip 9: You Don’t Need to Play the Market to Profit

Making money from the Flea Market doesn’t have to be complicated; you can easily create a bit extra without too much effort. It is possible to become a millionaire by trading, but if you don’t want to be so invested in the market, that’s fine. It is still possible to make a significant profit by selling something much higher than a dealer’s pay.

Some rouble examples are as follows:

Dealer Price7272,355825
Market Price13,00010,00015000


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the loot-filled world of Escape From Tarkov. But with these nine flea market tips for beginners, you can unlock the secrets of scoring big at the flea market! Focus on the right gear, avoid getting overwhelmed, and put time into researching the best deals. With these tips, you’ll be scoring big at flea markets in no time. Good luck in your future Tarkov escapades!

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