Best Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Tips and Tricks Up-To-Date 2022

Here are the best Assassin’s Creed Valhalla tips and tricks to find out in detail about general tips and fighting tips and tricks.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an interesting game that not only has a good plot but is also able to offer the player a lot of additional activities, for example, treasure hunting, collecting various cosmetic items, puzzles, and world events, etc. During the gameplay, many players do not know what to focus their attention on and how to cope with certain difficulties, because of which they miss a lot of important things or progress in the development of the hero slows down. In this guide, you will find useful tips and tricks that will help you during the battle with opponents and/or explore the world in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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1. General Tips and Tricks in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Unlike the previous Assassin’s Creed parts, Valhalla has a lot of collectibles and rare things. All of them are divided into several categories “State”, “Secrets”, and “Artifacts”. The most important thing is the “State”. Items of this type are marked with yellow dots on the map. These include armor, ability books, and materials to improve items of equipment. We recommend that you focus on collecting these values, as “Secrets” and “Artifacts” are not particularly important for the gameplay and can be collected at other times.

Your raven is not able to mark enemy territories during the inspection of the location, which was possible in past parts of Assassin’s Creed. Now you have to do it manually. Inspect the areas and put marks to make it easier for you to navigate the terrain, controlling Eivor. If you wish, you can take the “Stealth Reconnaissance” skill in the Wolf branch. With it, the protagonist in a state of stealth can automatically illuminate opponents nearby and determine enemy territory at a distance.

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When confronted with a locked door from the inside, apply Odin’s vision and illuminate the bolt (glows red). Then look for an open window, a hole in the wall or grate, a broken roof or any destructible barrier to break the bolts with a bow, and then open the door and go inside.

If you come across a locked door, also use Odin’s vision and inspect the area nearby. The key to the door is always nearby. He can lie indoors or be with the enemy. In the event that the key is not detected by Odin’s vision, then it can be obtained by completing a world event nearby.

To take away wealth during a raid (materials to improve the settlement), you need an ally. If no one responds to your call, look around and help your closest associate finish off the enemy. Then he will join you, and together you will open the box or break the door.

After finishing the raid, do not rush to leave the enemy territory. Use Odin’s vision and find other valuable items that are hidden in small chests and illuminated with a yellow glow.

If you’re running out of health in combat and don’t have provisions with you, inspect the battlefield. There may be various plants that replenish KP, and in the case of a full health bar, fill the slots in the “Provisions”.

Walls that can be broken look like a debris blockage. They are easily broken with the help of red pots. Bring the pot to such a wall and shoot it from a distance to blow up and break the barrier. In most cases, the pots of explosives are near the wall. But if you can’t find such a pitcher, use the Fire Trap ability. It is studied from the book of Knowledge (lies in Walden in a church south-east of Grentebridshire).

In the Skill Tree, there are many different directions that affect certain skills of the hero, the possession of weapons and the features of armor sets. At the start of the game, you can put skill points in those branches that seem most useful to you. When you have a lot of points, reset them and distribute them as you need at this stage of the gameplay. You can reset skill points indefinitely without penalty for the time between resets.

If you put skill points in any one branch, then you have a chance to pump the properties of a certain type of armor – Raven, Bear or Wolf. Therefore, do not scatter skill points on different branches, but focus on one.

In the initial stages of the game, the hero does not have special abilities. They are discovered gradually as you explore the world. We recommend that you always pick up the knowledge books if they come your way. Each book of Knowledge unlocks a specific ability for close or ranged combat.

In addition to the KP strip and adrenaline cells, Eivor has an endurance scale. It is consumed under certain conditions. For example, when running, endurance is not spent, but during a block or making repetitive movements, this resource is consumed faster. If during the battle you spend all the endurance, the main character will not be able to evade attacks. To restore its supply, stop for a while and stop beating the enemy.

Do not forget about the raids and the development of the settlement. With each improved building, Ravenstorp becomes more beautiful, and you get the opportunity to use various bonuses, for example, hire jomsvikings, arrange feasts (give positive effects) or unlock access to new mythical regions – Asgard and Yotunheim (requires Valka’s house).

2. Tips for those exploring the world in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

If you are so carried away by story quests and did not notice how you left Norway, do not be upset. You can go back there and collect your forgotten valuables and collectibles at any time. To return to this location, open the world map, press Shift and select the Norway Atlas by right-clicking to move.

If on the world map you see an icon in the form of an arch with steps, be sure to research the place he’s pointing to. This icon marks the entrance to the dungeon, where many valuable items are stored, including the books of Knowledge. Can’t find your login? Summon a raven and explore the area with the dungeon icon.

You can summon your Drakkar anytime you are on shore. All you need to do is press the G button and select the ship icon. This is very useful if you have gone far from the Drakkar and you are too lazy to go back to it.

Do not forget to mark important or interesting places/world events that were discovered by you during the execution of quests. If you are in a hurry and cannot pick up any valuable item, open the map and click the left mouse button on the place you need. The label will remain there. After that, you can return to it and continue exploring the territory.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Tips and Tricks 2022
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Tips and Tricks 2022

Some treasures are not marked on the world map when the viewpoint is synchronized. They will only appear if you talk to an NPS that has a question mark hanging over its head. Pay this person, and he will point you to the place where the valuable object is hidden.

While exploring the regions, you will stumble upon NPCs that have a white helmet icon hanging over their heads. These are representatives of the Order of the Ancients. If your current level of influence matches the recommended one in the region, feel free to kill these enemies to get rewards from Haism in your settlement.

Most of the treasures are in monasteries, fortresses, or large enemy camps. Carefully explore such areas with the help of Odin and raven vision, so as not to miss anything important.

If the level of your influence does not correspond to the recommended in a particular region, this does not mean that you cannot explore the dangerous territory and collect valuable items there. Explore new areas, but avoid roads patrolled by warriors and enemy camps.

3. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla fighting tips and tricks

While traveling through the regions of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will meet a variety of dangerous opponents – from Saxons and Danes to creepy representatives of the Order of the Ancients. Many enemies have special abilities and are armed with certain types of weapons. For example, the Spearman deals huge damage not only in close but also in long-range combat, and Viking is able to change axes for hammers during battle. When you encounter a new opponent, carefully study his behavior and abilities. In the future, it will be much easier for you to fight with this type of enemy.

Fire can take away a lot of KP from the enemy. Therefore, before you shoot a bow at the target, try to set fire to the arrow. To do this, go to any source of fire (even a small candle will do) and take out the bow. When the tip of the arrow touches the flames, it will catch fire. Then shoot at the enemy and set him on fire.

If the protagonist is set on fire in a battle with the Flame Keeper (or you just didn’t calculate the distances and Avor caught fire due to the explosion of an oil jug), perform a roll by pressing the Alt buttonSo you can quickly put out your clothes and avoid death.

Almost every enemy in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a vulnerable spot. Or even a few vulnerabilities. When using the bow, you will see them (red zones) on the enemy’s body. Once you hit a weak point, you’ll weaken the target’s defenses, stun it, and be able to do more damage for some time. This tip will especially come in handy during boss fights.

Do not underestimate the value of stunning opponents. Many simple warriors that you have to fight during the game can be almost instantly killed after you stun them. You can stun any enemy, even the boss, if you empty the protection scale above their KP strip. However, do not forget that you can stun the enemy only once. Use this moment to inflict maximum damage.

Certain skills in the Skill Tree can greatly expand your abilities in your chosen style of play. If you use axes most often, pump skills that give bonuses to close combat. If you like bows , choose ranged combat skills. For stealth, too, there are bonuses. We recommend that you carefully read the description of certain abilities so as not to waste skill points.

You can single-handedly kill all the opponents in the camp using stealth mode, but do not forget that your allies will always come to your aid. While in enemy territory, press the G button and select the horn icon. Eivor will issue a signal that will force the allies to come to his aid.

To attract the attention of the enemy when you are in stealth mode, press the X button (do not clamp, but make a short press). The protagonist will blow a whistle and the enemy will approach him. Then you can deliver a stealth blow with the assassin’s blade and kill him instantly.

If you see red mushrooms on the battlefield, eat them. They restore the adrenaline reserve.

To fend off an enemy attack, you don’t have to have a shield in your hands. However, if you incorrectly calculate the moment of parrying without a shield, you will get damage. If you can’t fend off an attack, but at that point defend yourself with a shield, you’ll block incoming damage anyway.

Some weapons (two-handed or left-handed) have alternative attacks that are activated by holding the block button. If you need to fend off an enemy attack, do not hold down this button.

If you are experiencing difficulties in a fight with a strong opponent or boss, try to change weapons after the defeat. Some enemies are best fought with a shield and an axe/sword, while others have two weapons in both hands or one two-handed.

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