How To Become Vasto Lorde Reaper 2

How To Become Vasto Lorde Reaper 2?

Read on to learn how to become Vasto Lorde Reaper 2.

Vasto Lorde can be obtained at the age of 50 when the Adjucha. All the abilities offered to the Vasto Lorde player will be discussed on this page.

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How To Become Vasto Lorde Reaper 2

True Vasto Lorde Reaper 2 requirements

Gaining access to Vasto Lorde as an Adjucha requires you to level up to level 50.

Vasto Lorde (Introductory) Zero skill points Start learning to use racial skills.

Deceit (Active) 2 skill points Make enemies appear weak by bowing your head, and when you are damaged, instantly teleport and throw enemies into the air.

Sonido (Active) 1 Skill point: Click Q and move your body at high speed

Sonido II (Passive) 1 skill point: Sonido is faster

Vasto Lorde (Passive) 1 Skill point: (Same same as Vasto Lorde)

Massive Cero (Active) 2. skills points: Release and charge an incredibly powerful Cero.

Tough Skin (Passive) 1 skill point Do 1.5 percent less damage

Tough Skin II (Passive) 1 skill point Do 2.5 percent less damage.

Tough Skin III (Passive) 2 skill points: Take 5% less the damage

Vitality (Passive) 1 skill point: Increase HP

Vitality II (Passive) 1 skill point (Same as Vitality)

Vasto Lorde III (Passive) 1 skill point (Same the same skill point as Vasto Lorde)

“Show of Strength” (Active) two skill levels: Create a powerful force of spiritual pressure that can intimidate weaker enemies.

Ether (Active) 2 skill points Take a target and release a close-range Cero.

Change to Vastocar (Evolution) 30 skills points (I would like to think I was kidding): A skill that allows users to change into the shape of a Vastocar when they complete a short test

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