how to beat the 16-30 stage in Cookie Run Kingdom

Conquering the Fiery Star in Cookie Run Kingdom: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Beat 16-30 Stage

Do you want to learn how to beat the 16-30 stage in Cookie Run Kingdom? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Are you finding it challenging to conquer the Fiery Star’s Wrath boss fight in the 16-30 stage of the Cookie Run Kingdom? Well, fret not. This stage is indeed one of the toughest to beat. However, with strategic planning and the right choice of Cookies and Treasures, you can indeed triumph over this challenge. In this guide, we will walk you through some important tips and strategies on how to beat the 16-30 stage in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Understanding the Challenge

Before diving into the strategies, it’s crucial to understand the challenge posed by the 16-30 stage in Cookie Run Kingdom. The boss Cookie you’ll encounter in this stage has a strong resistance to most attacks, and its strikes are powerful enough to wipe out your Cookies swiftly.

Best Cookies to Beat 16-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom

To beat the 16-30 stage in Cookie Run Kingdom, you first must assemble a strong team of Cookies. Since you’re allowed to place only 5 Cookies on each team, it’s significant to choose wisely. The recommended team consists of Financier Cookie, Milkyway Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie, Cotton Cookie, and Pure Vanilla Cookie.

Cookie Placement

The positioning of your Cookies is as crucial as their selection. Each Cookie plays a distinctive role and should be placed appropriately to utilize their abilities effectively. The recommended placement is as follows:

  • Financier Cookie – Front
  • Milky Way Cookie – Front
  • Black Pearl Cookie – Middle
  • Cotton Cookie – Rear
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie – Rear

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Role of Each Cookie

Understanding the role of each Cookie and their abilities is key to formulating a winning strategy.

  1. Financier Cookie & Milky Way Cookie – Positioned at the front, these two Cookies serve as the Tanks of your team, safeguarding the rest of the team from incoming attacks. Their abilities not only protect the team but also heal them, thereby enhancing their ATK, DMG, and CRIT Resistance.
  2. Black Pearl Cookie – Placed in the middle, the Black Pearl Cookie is immune to direct damage from the enemy. Her Duskgloom’s Sovereign skill inflicts damage over time, making her an asset to the team.
  3. Cotton Cookie & Pure Vanilla Cookie – Positioned at the rear, these Cookies serve as the healing backbone of your team. The Cotton Cookie can restore the HP of her allies and deal area damage through her summoned sheep. On the other hand, the Pure Vanilla Cookie continuously heals the target, ensuring your team’s survivability in the battle.

Choosing the Right Treasures

To further enhance your chances of conquering the 16-30 stage, you should equip the following Treasures:

  • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll – Boosts the ATK of all the Cookies in the team.
  • Squishy Jelly Watch – Reduces the Cooldown period of all the Cookies in the team.
  • Dream Conductor’s Whistle – At the start of the battle, increases the CRIT% by 15% of all allies and provides the Whistle Buff to 2 Cookies with the highest ATK.

Experimentation and Exploration

The aforementioned Cookies and Treasures can significantly increase your chances of winning. However, you are encouraged to experiment with other Cookies & Treasures to find the combination that works best for you.


Cookie Run Kingdom’s 16-30 stage can be overcome. You can survive this battle by strategically choosing your Cookies, aligning their placements, understanding their roles, and equipping the right Treasures. Financier Cookie and Milky Way Cookie are your frontline defense, while Black Pearl Cookie adds value with her damage over time. Cotton Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie sustain your team with rear-healing.

Like a cookie recipe, you may need to try different combinations to get it right. Your game success depends on your Cookie choices, Treasures, and willingness to experiment. Every failure is a step toward game mastery.

With patience, strategy, and resilience, you’ll defeat the 16-30 boss fight. Who knows? You may create your own winning strategy. Cookie Run Kingdom games are unique like players. Enjoy the process—that’s the fun of the game. Play well!

This guide provides you with a comprehensive strategy on how to beat the 16-30 stage in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Remember, success lies in strategic planning, understanding your Cookies’ roles, and making the right selections. Happy gaming!

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