Bandit Mask Elden Ring

Bandit Mask Elden Ring: How To Get The Elden Ring White Mask Complete Guide

In this article, we’ll discuss the Bandit Mask Elden Ring and how to get the Elden Ring white mask in detail!

Elden Ring gives you the creative freedom to create some of the best builds, from agility-based builds to heavy tank builds. But there are still many niches for character builds as players can also create builds that focus on attributes like blood loss. 

You can choose the White Mask in Elden Ring for a bleeding build. This guide is mainly about the White Mask, one of the best helmets for Elden Ring‘s gore build style. We will help you with the location of the White Mask.

Where to find the White Mask in Elden Ring?

The white Mask is a rather exciting headgear in the world of Elden Ring. Players can use the White Mask to create a character entirely focused on preventing blood loss when taking damage from enemies. The headgear also has a special bonus that allows you to have a 10% increase in attack power for at least 20 seconds when there is blood loss nearby. 

This is quite powerful when combined with weapons such as the Blood River Katana or Eleanor’s Naginata. The steps to get the White Mask will be pretty detailed, but this guide will make things easier for you. So, let’s move on to the location of the White Mask in Elden Ring.

Approximate location of the Nameless White Masks in the White Masks.

Bandit Mask Elden Ring Where to find the White Mask in Elden Ring
Bandit Mask Elden Ring: Where to find the White Mask in Elden Ring?

Just get to the Mogwin Palace. You will have several options on how to get to this place. You can use the Pureblood Knight’s Medal to teleport directly to the Mogwyn Palace, which can be accessed through the White-Faced Varre quest.

Players can access the Mogwin Palace through a gate in the Sacred Snowfield to make things easier. The area is located using the secret Holy Tree Medallion, the location of which is shown below.

Location of the Haligri medallion
Location of the Haligri medallion

The second half of the medallion of the Holy Tree is located in Sol Castle. It would be best if you first defeated Commander Onail to gain access to the place where the medallion is available. 

No matter which route you take towards the Mogwin Palace, players need to reach a specific location in the region that is filled with red liquid. The area is located east of the Mausoleum and west of the Palace. Get to the place of grace, and you will encounter feisty crows. To make matters worse, you will also encounter several White Masked Nameless Invaders in Red Liquid.

But pay attention, as this is part of the puzzle in getting the White Mask. Do whatever is necessary and repeat. It’s time to get farming. Keep farming the White Mask Invaders until one of the NPCs drops the Mask. Three white-masked enemies spawn in the location, and players must spawn in and out of the zone for the enemies to respawn.

Repeat this process and kill enemies with a white mask until you finally get a white mask. After all, is said and done, you will finally be the proud owner of your very own Elden Ring White Mask!

Please note:  White-masked unnamed enemies will not appear if you defeat Mog, Lord of Blood. If you have defeated the Mog, you will not be able to obtain the White Mask. Not unless you start a new game or a new game plus.

Characteristics of the White Mask in Elden Ring

Characteristics of the White Mask in Elden Ring
Characteristics of the White Mask in Elden Ring

Now that you’ve finally got your hands on the White Mask in Elden Ring let’s look at its stats. The white Mask is essentially part of the military surgeon’s kit in Elden Ring. It’s a reasonably lightweight helmet with little to no effect on your ability to traverse the Interearth. It weighs about 3.2 units. The helmet is fairly balanced as there is a good distribution between its physical and magical defensive skills.

The Mask applies protective properties to prevent the player from taking unnecessary damage from enemy bosses. The Mask also changes your appearance and makes you look like a creepy nun from a horror movie. Legend has it that the Mask is stained with blood and has a slight smirk. It was worn by military surgeons who were mercy killers. The Blood Lord’s Curse allows the player to gain benefits when Bleeding occurs. It increases your attack power slightly when there is blood loss nearby.

Damage resistance

  • Physical 2.7 
  • Crusher 3
  • Chopping 3.3
  • Stab 2.7
  • Magic 3.5
  • Fire 3.7
  • Lightning 3.9
  • Holy 3.7


  • Immunity 23
  • Vitality 18
  • Concentration 21
  • Phys. power 22
  • Balance 2
Bandit Mask Elden Ring Guide
Bandit Mask Elden Ring Guide

Now that we finally got the White Mask in Elden Ring, our guide has ended. Be sure to check out many of our other Elden Ring guides, or if you have a taste for other games, we’ve got guides for you too!

If we missed something or have any questions, please let us know below, and we will quickly answer your questions. With that said, thanks for making it to the end of the guide with us.

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