Baldur's Gate 3 Skills And Skill Proficiencies

Master Baldur’s Gate 3: Skills And Skills Proficiencies Explained

In Baldur’s Gate 3, each character’s unique blend of skills and proficiencies not only sets them apart, but also dictates their interactions and decision-making in various in-game scenarios.

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers an in-depth customization feature that lets players craft intricate and distinctive characters. The nuances of background, race, class, and skills infuse your character with distinct attributes and carve a unique path in the captivating narrative of Baldur’s Gate 3. This handbook delves into Skills & Skill Proficiencies, elucidating their mechanics and their impact on your player journey. Moreover, we provide recommendations and strategies to optimize your selections.

What Are Skills In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Skills are passive talents that aid your character in carrying out specific tasks in Baldur’s Gate 3. Where is the training for your character? Religion, history, or acrobatics? Not all classes have access to all skills, but that doesn’t mean that your character can’t try to do something just because they aren’t good at it. Your character’s race and background determine which skills you get, and you can choose an additional 1–2 skills based on your class.

Similar to backgrounds, which also have particular skills and proficiencies assigned to them, skills primarily influence the role-playing aspect of the game and give your character personality. Each of the six abilities—Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma—is connected to a specific skill. The right skills for your build will therefore give you passive bonuses to those statistics. For the best build, pick skills that fit your class and playing style.

How Do Skill Proficiencies Work In Baldur’s Gate 3?

You have a better chance of passing the checks if you have Skill Proficiency, which is a passive bonus added to all character dice rolls. We use 20-sided dice in BG3. The game might ask you to roll the dice, for instance, if you’re playing a Rogue class, and you’re trying to sneak into a secured building and suddenly, someone finds you. To pass the check to remain undetected, you must roll a particular number or higher on the dice.

Additionally, you will have an advantage on all stealth checks if your character is proficient in stealth because the bonus will be added to the dice’s number. The dexterity skill of stealth. As a rogue, you also possess high Dexterity, which increases your ability modifier bonus. This is how your dice roll will be determined:

  • D20 Roll Score + Ability modifier (Dexterity) + Stealth Skill Proficiency Bonus + Extra Bonuses (If you have any)

The Skill Proficiency Bonus won’t be used if you don’t possess the stealth skill.

Types Of Skill Checks In Baldur’s Gate 3


Two different kinds of skill checks exist. Automatic skill checks come first. The character may roll a die above his or her head as they occur while sneaking. Second, interactive skill checks typically occur when you select the dialogue option related to the character’s proficiency during conversations. Moreover, when disarming traps or opening chests.


All Baldur’s Gate 3 Skills And Skill Proficiencies

  • Acrobatics – Dexterity skill
  • Animal Handling – Wisdom skill
  • Arcana – Intelligence, skill
  • Athletics – Strength skill
  • Deception – Charisma skill
  • History – Intelligence skill
  • Insight – Wisdom skill
  • Intimidation – Charisma skill
  • Investigation – Intelligence skill
  • Medicine – Wisdom skill
  • Nature – Intelligence skill
  • Perception – Wisdom skill
  • Performance – Charisma skill
  • Persuasion – Charisma skill
  • Religion – Intelligence skill
  • Sleight of Hand – Dexterity skill
  • Stealth – Dexterity skill
  • Survival – Wisdom skill

What Are Baldur’s Gate 3’s Top Skills?

In addition to complementing your build and play style, the best skills for your character will also offer benefits that other members of your team cannot. The skills, equipment, or spells on each build-optimized team must complement one another. Athleticism, perception, persuasion, sleight of hand, and stealth are the most crucial skills.

  • Thanks to Athletics, you can jump higher, and it also influences your character’s physical strength and agility. Incredibly helpful when you need to ascend to higher ground.
  • Perception will aid you in avoiding environmental harm and spotting traps. Additionally, it’s simple to locate treasures that are hidden from view.
  • Persuasion is your best ally in almost all conversations. During the conversation, there is always a deal you can easily win.
  • All “loot goblins” and thieves require Sleight of Hand. Numerous wealthy NPCs in the game are available for theft, as are closed doors or chests and traps that must be neutralized or unlocked. Always have at least one character with this skill in your party.
  • Stealth, Melt into the shadows to catch your adversaries off guard or stay out of fights. If you start the battle in stealth and take the best position, you can gain a significant advantage.

How Can I Increase My Skill Levels and Proficiencies?

The initial set of abilities from which you can select when creating a character. Next, when choosing their subclass, some classes will receive a variety of proficiencies. When you reach level 4, you can also choose extra feats, which may give you new skill proficiencies and other benefits.


Baldur’s Gate 3 transcends beyond a typical role-playing game, emerging as the best work that seamlessly fuses detailed character build design with compelling storytelling. The decisions you make in selecting skills and proficiencies go beyond mere traits or short-lived tactical advantages. Instead, they carve out profound impacts on the game’s story arc and how you engage within its realm.

Each skill choice paves a distinct path of selection, bestowing your character with a truly individualistic role. From the silent maneuvers of a rogue to the compelling eloquence of a bard, Baldur’s Gate 3 presents an array of role integrations that are a reflection of your decisions.

This guide illuminates the importance of grasping and enhancing your skills and proficiencies, crucial for diving deep into Baldur’s Gate 3’s enthralling universe. Whether you’re stepping in anew or are a gaming veteran, it’s these game mechanics that elevate your game progression from the mundane to the mesmerizing. Embark on this journey and let your character’s abilities chart the course!

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