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Become a Pro at Escape From Tarkov Flea Market: 10 Top Advanced Tips and Tricks

Are you looking to maximize your profits and become a pro at the Escape From Tarkov Flea Market? With an ever-changing and highly competitive market, staying on top of the trends and making the most of your time can be challenging.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on the 10 top advanced flea market tips and tricks to become a pro at the Escape From Tarkov Flea Market. With these in-depth strategies, you’ll be able to increase your profits and make the most of your time. Learn how to stay ahead of the competition and maximize your earnings with these ten best-advanced tips and tricks!

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10 Best Advanced Flea Market Tips and Tricks

Although anyone can profit from the market, those with more EFT expertise will stand a better chance. Understanding what goods are in demand and how uncommon they are can help. Don’t expect anything close to that complexity, though, if you’ve played other games with markets, like Eve Online. Although functional, the Tarkov market is constrained.

Tip 1: Restock the Market


Because of its significance, the refresh button is included in my flea market beginner’s tips guide. You’ll see two arrows circling each other at the right of the Flea Market, where you can’t miss it. The timers for when items are available until they expire, the display of new things, and the hiding of items that have already been sold are all updated when you click this. This is a more advanced piece of advice, but it will help you immensely when shopping for new products and keeping up with sales.

You can see how quickly an item sells when new articles are added, and if anyone is undercutting the market at a price, you can’t pass up by clicking the refresh button.

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Tip 2: Use the W-List

I’m assuming a wishlist button labeled “W-List” can be found in the menu’s top left corner. A product added to your W-List via the right-click menu will appear in the Flea Market. If you frequently buy and sell a specific item, this is a great way to keep track of it. The same holds for often purchased goods.

Tip 3: Scamming for Durability

As a native of Eve Online, where scamming is commonplace and where many players make a living, I can attest to its prevalence and financial benefits. Despite my disapproval, durability scamming appears to be a problem in Escape from Tarkov. If you want to avoid buying something that breaks easily, you should exercise caution when shopping online.

This includes everything from armor to uneaten meals. The minimum and maximum durability/condition of the items displayed can be filtered. Select the gear icon in the top left corner to access these settings. I can attest to purchasing items with less than full durability and then quickly reselling them at the going rate for total items. The removal of components from weapons is another method of abuse.

Tip 4: Control the Market


When dealing with a city the size of Tarkov, market dominance can be achieved in various ways and with relative ease. There are probably proper methods and labels for what I’m describing, but I don’t know them. So instead, take my shoddy recommendation.

You Should Acquire Your Competitors

Identify the minimum price at which an item can be purchased without incurring a loss, then compare that to the maximum price at which it can be sold. Then you’ll know how much you can undercut the competition by purchasing their items and relisting them at a lower price. In essence, this creates a monopoly. The drawback is that you are increasing the item’s average and minimum cost, making future bargain purchases more difficult.

High Volume Sales

Keeping a product’s price stable for an extended period can be accomplished by selling a large quantity of it. The lack of demand above that point prevents the price from increasing further. More money is needed to do this effectively, but it can help stabilize a market’s average.

Remember that many vendors may try to sell you something more than once. Customers will take longer to reach you if your product is more expensive.

Tip 5: Look for a Valuable Item to Sell


Search for products with numerous listings and significant price discrepancies between the minimum and average. Examine the item with a few refreshes and note any price changes. The following test is to purchase one and determine the cost at the price you want to sell it for. As I mentioned in my beginner’s guide on Tip 7, some items will fail you.

Tip 6: Use Containers to Your Advantage

You may have less storage space than I do if you, like me, initially purchased the Standard Edition of Escape from Tarkov. Whether that’s the case or not, it’s a good idea to use containers that store your stash and give you more room to work with. Here are a few potential use cases:

Slots Taken

Slots Inside

Items Case1664Bartering Items
Meds Case949Medical Items
Weapon Case1050Weapons, Ammo, Mods
Mr. Holodilnick Thermobag964Food Items

Tip 7: Understand how the market works

Understanding how the filters function is a must. These are available by clicking the gear icon in the upper left corner of the marketplace, which I briefly mentioned. The following are some common examples of filter usage:

  • There are only a few currencies
  • Minimum and maximum prices
  • Minimum and maximum quantities
  • Minimum and maximum durability/condition
  • Getting rid of offers to trade (good for quick flips based on money)
  • Only show listings from Dealers or Traders.
  • showing items that are about to run out

Tip 8: Don’t go up against dealers

This concise advice pretty much says it all. Products from dealers enter the market, and their limitless availability means they typically set the price. Due to this, success in the marketplace is hopeless.

Tip 9: Periodic Trading

Not everyone will continually be trading the same items as you online. This opens up the possibility of selling at various times and making money when there is less or more competition. Along with that, it’s also possible that more people are supplying the market with goods when more people are playing. Numerous people will aggressively undercut to get their money quickly. In response, we are here.

Tip 10: Changing the Time on Your Computer

After hearing about it in the EFT forums, I decided to learn more about it only after I stumbled upon an explanation video. This hint aims to advance your computer’s clock to beat the locked timer available for purchase. The only justification for this is that the countdown to an item’s availability is based on your computer’s clock. There is no reliance on the server’s clock.

Further explaining, there is a predetermined time an item becomes available, but the game doesn’t show you that time. It displays the time by the system’s current time zone. By setting your clock 30 seconds in the past, you can trigger an item’s availability 30 seconds after it has become available. You can adjust it by a few seconds in either direction to synchronize your system clock with the actual times events occur.


Overall, the 10 top advanced flea market tips and tricks in Escape From Tarkov are all about maximizing your benefits and profits in the game. Knowing the game mechanics and setting up the right strategies can help you get ahead of the competition. Utilizing the flea market to its fullest potential will give you an edge in making money and collecting items. By following the tips outlined above, you can become a successful trader and reap the rewards of the flea market in Escape From Tarkov.

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