A Little Lively Music Quest In Lost Ark: How To Complete It?

Do you need help completing the Little Lively Music quest in Lost Ark? This blog post will provide all the information you need to finish this quest quickly and easily!

What is A Little Lively Music quest in Lost Ark?

The A Little Lively Music quest is one of the many available quests in Lost Ark. This quest tasks players with finding and returning a lost musical instrument. Completing this quest rewards a small amount of experience and some gold.

A Little Lively Music Quest In Lost Ark

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How to complete A Little Lively Music quest in Lost Ark?

Where can co-op quest be found?

This cooperative task may be found on Revely Row island, slightly south of Vern’s continent. It starts every thirty minutes and asks players to “perform thrilling music” on the island’s dance floor in the middle. The description of this mission has a flaw in that it does not define what it means to “perform fascinating music.”

Has anyone figured out what music you are supposed to play for this co-op quest?

To finish this quest, you do not need to play any of the songs in your library. When the quest begins, you must approach the DJ booth and interact with it. You have one minute and thirty seconds to finish this quest section. Following that, you’ll receive a handful of Silver coins to spend on your quest. We mean anything between x168 and x503 Silver coins when we say “a handful.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is revelry row Island Lost Ark?

Revelry Row is one of the game’s northernmost islands, located immediately under the continent of North Vern. It may be found in the Ethulia Ocean, especially.

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How do I get to revelry row?

You must collect a guardian soul from any of the guardians. Raids accomplish sailing gate by completing a couple of sailing worst to obtain a key that you may then use to open the gate.

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